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Spa Sessions: Surprise, Surprise - Part I

Submitted by on June 27, 2017 (9 months ago)
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"Sir Richard, sabi na nga ba babalik ka! Di mo ko makalimutan, noh? Hahaha!"

Ok, for the record, my name is NOT Richard. It's Francis. France to my friends, Kiko to my uncles, and Francis Raymond Valencia Marasigan to my mom when she's angry. Why do I use Richard? I have no idea. Anyway, who gives their real name at a Spa that offers a "happy ending?" No one, that's who.

"Oo naman! Di ako makatulog simula nang manggaling ako dito!"

"Bolero ka talaga, sir! Pero warning na kita, di ako pwede. Kasi meron ang lola mo ngayon! Hahahaha!"

Too much information.

"Aww sayang naman. Ready pa naman ako. Hehehe. Sino ba nandiyan?"

Cindy, which I'm sure as hell isn't her real name, took out the logbook and opened it to the list of therapists for the day.

"Ok, sir, nandito si Cammy, si Scarlet, si Lara, si Gal Gadot, si..."

"Gal Gadot?!"

"Yes sir! Kamukha ni Wonder Woman! Kaka-start lang last week!"

I doubt it. When receptionists say that the therapists or "theras" look like a certain celebrity, 80% percent of the time they really don't. Had an experience when I was told the my thera looked liked Kim Chiu. More like Chiu-bacca, damn it. No, thank you.

"Kunin mo, sir?"

"Sino pa nandiyan?"

At that moment, I hear a couple of girls hurry behind me and disappear behind the curtains leading to their "holding rooms." As I continue down the list, I could...

Office Hours

Submitted by on April 3, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English | Categories: Erotic Couplings | Tags: ,

Hi, everyone! Haven't written anything in a while. Thought I'd try to get back into the game with this short piece I wrote during my lunch break. Hit the comments for anything. Cheers!

“What are you wearing today?

“Hahaha! And a good morning to you too, Davy!”

“Good morning, Avery. So… What are you wearing?”

“I really can’t right now. Boss has been goin around all morning.”

“And I don’t have work today because it’s Mandaluyong Day. Hooray for me. Now… What. Are. You. Wearing. Today. Avery?”

“Fine. Dark blue dress. Sneakers. Happy?”

“Come on, you know that’s not how we do it. Again, please.”

“Ok but after this, I have to work. Why are you so horny anyway? It’s 8:47 AM.”


“Fine. I’m wearing my dark blue dress. The one with the low neckline. The one that hikes up every time I walk.

“The one with the pearl button at the back?

“That’s the one. Underneath, I’m wearing my black La Senza bra and my Peach Victoria’s Secret lace panty. I was in a hurry so don’t judge!” #DavyJudgmental

“Yummy. I’m in my black boxer briefs now and I’m so hard for you. You want me to tell you what I’ll do to you when I see you?”


“As soon as you enter my unit, I’ll push you against the wall. I’ll French kiss you while...

Singapore Swing Part III

Submitted by on September 15, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Orchard Road was still busy. People, cars, and buses constantly moving, going their own way yet following a system. Everyone had something to do and everyone did what they had to do.

It was like they just knew.

They understood.


Gerard dimmed the lights and walked towards Alicia who was looking out the window. He stood beside her and stared at the street. After a few moments, he put his hand on her waist.

Alicia turned to Gerard and kissed him on the lips. He responded. Softly at first, like he was savoring her taste. His hands then began to roam, from her waist, they crawled up her arms and rested on her neck, gently pulling her closer.

He opened his mouth and let his tongue inside her, tasting her some more.

As they French kissed, Alicia began to work on the buttons of his shirt. After the last button, her tiny hands glided up from his belly to his chest to his shoulders. Gerard knew what she was doing and stopped their kiss. He removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt, never taking his eyes off her. She slowly kicked off her shoes and began to unbutton her own dress when he stopped her.

"I'll do it." Gerard said as his jeans fell on the floor, leaving him with only his black boxers.

He approached her and kissed her again, this time with a little more force. He coaxed her tongue out with his own, having a mini swordfight with it...

Singapore Swing Part II

Submitted by on September 14, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I wasn't supposed to write a second part but I guess it just had to be done. Let me know what you think. Hit the comments. Enjoy!


Alicia sat at the bar of the same cafe/bakery where she and Gerard met up a few hours earlier. She sipped from her water and tapped her phone.


She was ten minutes early. She was contemplating on whether to order a drink when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. Couldn't find my wallet."

"Hey. It's fine, I got here a little earlier."

"What are you drinking?"

"Just water but we can order if you like."

"Hmm... Um, If it's ok with you, my hotel's just across the street. We can, um, relax there. You know, talk in private."

"Oh ok."


Gerard's heart was racing. He had spent most of the afternoon thinking what to say and decided to just give it to her straight but one step at a time. Step one: check.

Alicia gathered her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Part of her was scared but the other part knew it was at the back of their minds all this time. And she had to admit, she was excited.

As he followed Alicia out of the cafe/bakery, Gerard looked at her back from head to toe. She was wearing a dark blue dress that hugged her body, accentuating Alicia's curves. He loved the way her buttocks would bounce with each step. He was...

Singapore Swing

Submitted by on September 12, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English | Categories: First Time | Tags: ,

Author's note: It's 4:54 AM and I started this around 3:30 because I couldn't sleep. Haven't written anything in a while. Might be different from what you're used to reading from me though. Anyway, hope you guys like it. Hit the comments and tell me what you think. Cheers! 


"Hey. Which way to Plaza Singapura?"

"Where are you?"

"Um, walking in front of Concorde."

"Hm. Just walk the way to Dhoby Gaut."

Sweaty, tired, and nursing a nasty cough, Gerard did as he was told and continued walking. Ironically, all he could think about was lighting a cigarette. He continued walking until he reached his destination. He fished his phone from his pocket and took a picture. Gerard tapped his Line app and sent the shot to his tour guide.

"Already here."

Seven train stations away, at Mountbatten, Alicia's phone buzzed with a new message. She looked at the picture and her eyes grew big.

"Omg you walked all the wayy"

"You said it was just straight. So I walked. Hahaha"

"Galing! So proud of you. Hahaha"

"Haha! Thanks! Anyway, I'll probably be here for the next three hours. Um, wanna meet?"

Alicia began to type a reply but stopped. She had to wait for a friend and wasn't sure if she could leave right away.

She also hesitated because it would be the first time she would actually m...

Sexy Love Redux Part I

Submitted by on June 20, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English | Categories: Taboo, Romance | Tags: , ,

Hi guys! I was a bit bored so I decided to visit two of my favorite characters, Mike and Kathy, from my favorite storyline, Sexy Love. If you haven't read that, I suggest you do so first before reading this one. The link is below. Also, it you have time, listen to Ne-Yo's Sexy Love. It really is a nice song. Enjoy. :)

- SS1981


Mike unfastened his seatbelt, stood up, and walked to the aisle. He looked both ways, put his two fists on his lower back and stretched. He hated flying. He looked at his Casio watch and went back to his seat.

"Great. Twelve hours and thirty five minutes to go." he muttered to himself.

He then opened his bag and fished out his earphones, plugged it in his phone and browsed through the songs in his Spotify. As he thumbed up the screen, he saw a familiar title and tapped on it. He closed his eyes and smiled.

"My sexy love..." Ne-Yo began.

Mike always liked this song. The first time he heard it, he knew it would eventually break into his personal Top 10 R&B songs list.

The beat. The rhythm. The bridge, the voice. The lyrics. He could listen to the song the whole day.

But he also liked it for another reason. It was the soundtrack to an unforgettable night he had a little more than three years ago.

With his cousin, Kathy.

Mike had many questions months after that night. Did it really happen? Will anyone ever know about it? Was...

Spa Sessions: VIP 3 - Part II

Submitted by on June 14, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Elmer led the way to the room. Working at this spa for the past four months made him privy, not just to the ins and outs of of the operation but to conversations and secrets of both the managers and the therapists. Especially his crush, the college dropout Weng.

Weng didn't know how he would steal glances down her blouse when she wasn't looking and how he would take pictures of her ass whenever she would wear that tight beige jeans that she owned. He'd lock himself in the cubicle and stroke his dick up and down while browsing thru her pictures. One time, while jacking off, he could hear her voice calling for him to assist a customer. Instead of rushing out to meet the guest, he closed his eyes and went faster, Weng's voice shouting his name in the background. He came in the toilet bowl and flushed his semen, panting and wishing and waiting for the right time.

As he turned the key to open VIP 3, he knew that time would be now.

"Mer, bilisan lang natin ha. Baka may guest na dumating. Patay tayo kay bossing!"

Elmer locked the door, kicked off his shoea and took off his shirt and pants.

"Mabilis lang ako, Weng."

He slightly pushed her against the wall and began to probe her mouth with his tongue. Weng kissed him back and unbuttoned her jeans before slipping it down to her ankles. She felt his hand slide inside her panties and it began to look for her hole. He found it and inserted his middle finger inside a few...

Spa Sessions: VIP 3 - Part I

Submitted by on June 12, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Taglish | Categories: One Night Stand | Tags: ,

"Jon, it's just a regular spa! Nothing funny happens there and it's 100% legit. Even girls go there! I'm fine, I promise. I'm just the receptionist. I'll see you tomorrow for lunch. Yeah, love you too. Mwah."

Weng ended the call and looked out the window. Of course, it wasn't a regular spa. It was a place where, for a few bucks, horny men can relax and be satisfied.

Weng had stopped college after two years. That was a year ago. Whenever her friends would ask, she would always be ready with her response.

"I'm taking a break to see my other options because let's face it, we really can't apply the things we learn in college in real life so why bother?"

She gave a sad smile as she remembered her own words. They didn't have money, that's why she stopped college. She just couldn't live with herself if they knew what kept her out. Weng was her block's public relations officer and was part of the cheerleading squad. Pretty, popular and smart. And in a school where image is everything, she couldn't keep up with the one she was showing.

Her boyfriend of one year, Jon, was just an accessory. Varsity basketball player, part-time model and all-around dumbell. If this was the movies, he'd be the token jock. They looked good together, sure, but beyond the good looks and great pictures, there was just nothing between them. He wasn't even a good fuck.

Today was going to be just like any other day she's had for the past eig...

Spa Sessions: Last Call - Part II

Submitted by on March 3, 2016 (2 years ago)
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"Dito, dapat bibigay mo kung ano lang ang kaya mo. Huwag ka magpapa dala sa mga lalaking yan. Mga bolero lang yan at iisa lang ang gusto: maka-kantot! Bata ka pa, Ina. Kung ako sayo, mag-ipon ka at mag aral ulit. Sayang ang talino mo. Maganda ka din. Tatanda itsura mo dito at hindi matatakpan ng make up yun."

Sariwa pa sa utak ko ang mga salitang sinabi ni Ate Mercy, ang una kong naging kaibigan dito sa Green Leaf Spa. Isang taon na nakalipas mula ng paguusap namin ni Ate Mercy. Naka-ipon na ako ng konti at tumingin na sa ibang mga computer schools kung sakaling ako'y magaaral ulit.

Medyo tama si Ate Mercy. Pare-pareho lang ang gusto ng mga lalaki. Makahawak at makadila ng suso. Ang ma-jakol ng iba't ibang babae. Pare-pareho sila.

Pero habang naaalala ko ang mga salita ng aking kaibigan, ang mata ko'y nakatitig sa matigas na ari ng aking customer na si Marco.

Naka-ipon na ako at tumingin sa iba't ibang brochure ng mga computer school pero pagkatapos ng isang taon, nandito parin ako.

Hindi ako umalis dahil tulad din ng mga lalaki, ako rin at may gusto. May natikman ako at gusto ulit ulitin.

Ngayong gabi, ibang lalaki naman ang makakapag-bigay nito.

Pinaluhod ako ni Marco at hinimas ang pisngi ko.

"Pag-subo mo, gusto ko makita ang mga mata mo."

Ngumiti ako at hinalikan ang ulo ng kanyang ari. Dinilaan ko ito sabay himas sa bayag niya. Tumingin ako kay Marco at pinasok sa bi...

Spa Sessions: Last Call - Part I

Submitted by on March 3, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Sabi nila, "Hindi lahat ng kwento ay totoo at hindi lahat ng totoo ay dapat ikwento."

Hindi ko masasabing naniniwala ako sa kasabihang ito. Ang masasabi ko lang ay mayroon akong kwento sa inyo at kayo na bahala kung ito'y totoo mang nangyari o hindi.

Ako nga pala si Ina, 26 years old at walang asawa. Nakatapos ako hanggang second year ng college sa isang computer school. Ngayon nagtratrabaho ako bilang isang receptionist sa isang spa dito sa Mandaluyong.

Oo, yung spa na nasa isip mo. Yung may extra service sa dulo ng masahe na kung tawagin ay "happy ending."

Nangyari ang aking karanasan noong December 27, 2015. Mga 11:30 ng gabi nang magpaalam na ang dalawang natitirang therapist sa spa. Sila Joyce at Sunny. Totoong pangalan ay sina Jenny at Letticia. Normal sa aming industriya ang gumamit ng ibang pangalan. Anyway, maaga umalis ang dalawa kahit hanggang 1:00 AM ang last call sa spa. Medyo konti ang customer dahil hindi pa tapos ang Christmas break kaya halos walang pera ang mga lalaki. Halos kalahati rin sa mga thera namin ang nagsiuwian sa kanya kanyang probinsya.

Nag lock na ako ng entrance at sinimulan kong bilangin ang mga bayad para sa araw. Balak ko sana'y matapos ng mga 12:15 para maka uwi na at maka pahinga na rin. Buong araw kasi ang shift ko. Habang pinapasok ko na sa envelope ang mga pera, narinig ko ang doorbell.

Sinilip ko sa monitor at nakita ang isang lalaking na polo at maong. Binuksan ko a...

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