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I'm fun, witty and sassy. I flirt, I'm naughty and I know what I want, but that doesn't make me a whore, baby. I love to read, and write when I have the time. So pardon me if I won't reply on pm's, because I'm a very busy sexy witch. :)
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Beware of my magic spell.. it will haunt you at night. 'wink'
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The Map

Submitted by on June 13, 2017 (9 months ago)
Posted in Confession: Taglish | Categories: Mature, Romance | Tags: , , ,

If you were thinking that this has something to do with "Dora the Explorer", then you are right. I was actually humming the song, "I'm the map, I'm the map" while writing this confession and hey, I am laughing because I just lied. Hahaha! Totoo namang may mapa nga sa kwentong ito at malalaman niyo nasaan ang mapa after 48 years. Hehe!

Seriously speaking, this happend I think two months ago? I'm not so sure but it's something close to that. I was doing my thing, strutting my stuff (char), chatting on facebook, browsing posts and thinking about balbon. Hahaha! I was actually plotting his death, kaso nahihirapan ako kasi dapat hindi halata, kelangan lumabas na suicide ang magaganap. Hahaha!
Charlotte lang! (Lol)

Suddenly, that hairy, sexy, adorable, but dense and insensitive guys' photo popped up on my screen. Nagdalawang isip pa ako kung babasahin ko ba o ano. Truth is, I was avoiding him, or should I say I was trying my hardest with the last of my mermaid strenght not to message him or text him. Nang mga panahong yun, hindi pa niya maamin sa sarili niya na nahulog siya sa isang lukaret, emo, over-thinker, at maton na kagaya ko. Andun pa siya sa part na, "Let's just be fubus', at ineenjoy ko pa ang kalibugan ko" (what!)  Sarap sakalin hahahaha! Me on the otherhand was on the " If you don't want to commit, then don't you ever think that I could be your fubu mode".

Tinanggihan ko siya madaming beses, and I was doing good in my opinion. So...


Submitted by on May 31, 2017 (9 months ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags: , ,

Those eyes, they see
Deep within my soul
Those hands, they hold
My heart like precious gold
Those ears, they hear
The softest pleas I try to hide
Those lips, they smile
And say the words his heart confide
They say that love is temporary
And that forever don't exist
They say that pain can last a lifetime
And it will gladly feed on your fears
Well all they say are true indeed
But here, my heart might not agree
For happiness is a decision
A choice we have to make
And so I choose to love him
And enjoy this euphoria like a cake....

Totally Fucked Up (Andrei) 2

Submitted by on April 14, 2017 (11 months ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, Taglish | Categories: Mature, Romance, One Night Stand | Tags: ,

I lift my head for awhile and looked at him. I met his gaze in the process. I naughtily smiled at him and continued tasting him. Ansarap dilaan ng titi niya, few long licks, soft kisses on its body and head before I enclosed that dick in my mouth. Nilaro ko yung ulo ng titi niya gamit ang dila ko saka ko isinubo ng buo at sagad hanggang lalamunan. Napamura siya ng malakas, panay ang ungol at sabi na napakainit daw ng bibig ko at sobrang sarap daw ng ginagawa ko sa kanya. Lalo ko sinarapan ang pagsubo sa kanya dahil mas lalo akong nalilibugan pag nag eenjoy ang partner ko. 

Maya maya, he held my hand and said, "Dito ka sa ibabaw ko mine, 69 tayo." Agad naman akong sumunod sa gusto niya, pumatong ako pabaligtad sa ibabaw niya. Tinuloy ko ang pagtsupa sa kanya hanggang sa naramdaman ko yung basa niyang dila at labi sa puke ko. Tang ina, bahagya pa akong napapahinto sa pagkain sa alaga niya paa namnamin yung sensasyon ng ginagawa niya sakin. After few minutes di na ko nakatiis, bumaligtad ako ng pagkakapatong sa kanya. Magkaharap na kami ngayon. 

Nakapatong ako sa ibabaw niya, tinignan ko muna yung namumungay niyang mga mata.. yung mukha niya.. hinawakan ko yung pisngi niya saka ako dahan dahang yumuko upang halikan siya. While we were kissing, my hand guided his cock in entering my love hole. Sabay pa kaming napaungol nung tuluyan nang bumaon ang titi niya sa kaloob looban ko. mainit.. masarap.. pumipintig pintig ang laman na iyon sa loob ko, lalo akong n...

Those Days

Submitted by on April 13, 2017 (11 months ago)
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An ordinary day and here she is on her vitual world
Talking on chat, telling tales about her past no matter how bold and old
Just being herself, singing her nonsense songs and laughing a thousand fold
Though he feels like her actions doesn't match her words
Heaven knows that what she feels inside; it shows

He said he wants to be her territory, but she told him no, and do not worry
Because a woman like herself learnt the hard way not to expect and be sorry
He wants to stay by her side, but she can't let him feel what he must hide
For his desire for her which kept on growing must be cut where it's soon be going
And the friendship that they built is more impotant than the lust he's feeling

A wall separates them from one another, like a reminder not to waver
For it is wrong for him to like her, and he must focus on what is better
It is a promise she told herself, and she must never ever break
That for whatever reason it may be, whatever situation she was in
She will never be responsible for a family man to hurt any of his kin

He knows she is seeing someone, someone who told her not to fall
Because he wants to explore his being, and can't let her tie him for her keeping
Her heart is fragile from all the pain, and struggles she was bearing
But that heart is strong and daring, and can still take another beating
As it may sound old but truth be told, that loving also means...

Totally Fucked Up (Andrei) 1

Submitted by on April 13, 2017 (11 months ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, Taglish | Categories: Erotic Couplings, Mature, Romance | Tags: , ,

* This story may not be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the original author; sexy.witch.

So here I go again, single and available so I started entertaining suitors and admirers which I avoided since I decided to be a loyal girlfriend to my fuckin' A-hole ex-boyfriend. (I know what you're thinking) Oo bitter pa ako ng bahagya, pero yung pride nalang ang nasaktan. Yung ego, and not my heart.

Anyway, a certain guy caught my attention. Noon naman I admit, he doesn't have any effect on me. We were actually chatting because of my G2G or F2F fantasy. Gusto daw manuod. Hahaha! Seriously? Mahiyain ako sa totoo lang. (Hindi lang halata) pro promise insecure ako sa katawan ko. Particularly sa tummy part. Usual na problem ng mga mommies; stretch marks. Kaya parang alangan din ako sa ganung set up.

Ngayon madalas na ulit kami magka chat, but unlike noon na kumustahan lang at konting update about my fantasy, ngayon mahaba na ang convo namin. Hindi na din namin napag uusapan yung fantasy ko. What made him catchy for me is his way of texting. I mean, not the usual na Hi and Hello greeting. It's always, "Hi (my real name), how was your day? or Any plans for today?" Haha I admit I am a sucker for smart men. A guy with a big brain can easily turn me on than a man with a big dick but doesn't know how to use it. Lol

So we chatted for months and according to him, nawawalan na nga daw siya ng pag asa na makikipagkita pa ako sa kanya ka...

Fiasco ( A Complete Failure )

Submitted by on April 9, 2017 (11 months ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

A tightly held hand, slowly letting go
A once sparkly stare, void of bliss, blank as slate
Isn't it enough? Do I need to wake up?
Are these painful signs which are laid before my eyes
Are still not enough for me to give up?

A tear run down my cheek as a memory appears
On that night you held my hand, sweetly smiled
And told me that you have finally known how it is
To feel real happiness eversince we went back together
Since I gave you that second chance

A chance you once again wasted
Thrown and set aside as a flower wilted
Used, abused, and taken for granted
Weak, broken, and here I am wasted
Tell me now, what is enough from enough?

Do I need to give up? Do I have to stop
From hoping, wishing, feeling and believing
That maybe, just maybe you will find it in your heart
To love me again just like how you loved me before
Just like how we fought so hard for us not to part

But just like how tales do come to an end
And how a song play its last single note
Like how a war would be decided who lost and won
I know this warmth I am feeling as your hand slowly let go
Will remain in my heart as a memory, as I accept this fiasco....

Sex, Secrets, and Lies

Submitted by on February 28, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, Taglish | Categories: Erotic Couplings, Wife Lovers, Mature, Romance | Tags: , ,

This story may not be reproduced in any manner without the consent of the original author, sexy.witch.

Kasalukuyan akong nagbabantay sa computer shop ng kuya ko nung araw na yun. Boring, oo may internet pero paulit ulit na. Parang wala nang bago. Malapit pa naman magpasko pero parang hindi ko masyadong ramdam. Kaka break lang namin ng boyfriend ko, si Gerald. Oo malungkot ako pero hindi dahil nagbreak kami, kundi dahil kailangan ko pa mag boyfriend para lang masabing naka move on na ako sa ex kong si JP kahit hindi pa naman talaga. Minsan talaga kailangan mo gumamit ng ibang tao para hindi ka magmukhang miserable sa harap ng iba. Ang mas nakakatawa pa, isang taon na kming hiwalay ni JP pero eto, para parin akong nakapako sa pag asa na baka sakaling balikan niya ako. Pathetic dba?

How ironic, Madalas nasasaktan tayo sa pagmamahal sa isang taong may mahal na iba, at nakakasakit naman tayo ng taong nagmamahal satin dahil may mahal tayong iba. Ang reyalidad ng buhay hindi kagaya sa fairy tale, na pag nagmahal ka, mamahalin ka din at happy ending na. Hindi, dahil sa totoong buhay, magmamahal ka ng walang kasiguruhan na ang taong mahal mo ay kayang suklian ang nararamdaman mo sa kanya.

Nakokonsensiya ako, naaawa ako kay Gerald dahil alam kong nasaktan ko siya pero mas lamang yung lungkot ko dahil kahit ilang buwan ko sinubukan na matutunan siyang mahalin, hindi ko nagawa. Sa huli kinailangan ko nang makipag hiwalay kesa patuloy na magpanggap na maha...

Secret Connection (Aries)

Submitted by on December 12, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: Tagalog | Categories: Erotic Couplings, Taboo | Tags: ,

For a family, hindi normal. Imoral, taboo, malaswa, kasumpa sumpa at nakakahiya magkaroon ng sexual and romantic relationship. Hindi ko alam bakit umabot sa ganoon, pinagsisihan ko din yun pero nangyari na at hindi ko na mababago ang nakaraan.

Pinsan ko si Aries (not his real name), at oo pinsang buo, hindi second o third degree. Yung nanay niya at nanay ko magkapatid. Madalas nagbabakasyon sila samin at kami sa kanila. Natatandaan ko nun it all started when he did something na hindi ko ineexpect. Hindi ko alam kung tama ba o mali yung ginagawa namin. Pero alam ko lang sa mura kong isipan na hindi yun normal.

Nasa kwarto ako nun sa second floor ng bahay.. pumasok siya at may dala dalang mangkok na may hiniwang indian mango. Inalok niya ako kumain at dahil mahilig ako dun at wala naman akong hinala na may binabalak pala siya, tinanggap ko yung inaabot niyang piraso ng mangga. Nung maubos ko yung nginunguya ko, tinanong niya ako kung masarap ba.

Sabi ko oo.. "Gusto mo pa ba?" Tanong niya, umoo ako.. Akala ko bibigyan niya ulit ako, pero hindi.. kumuha siya ng isang piraso ng hiniwang mangga.. sinubo niya yun pero hindi niya kinagat. Sinubo niya ng buo at bigla akong hinatak palapit sa kanya. Hinawakan niya yung mukha ko at hinalikan niya ako. Sa gulat ko napabuka yung bibig ko nun at ipinasa niya sakin yung mangga na nasa bibig niya. Hindi ko alam ano gagawin ko pero parang instinct na ibinalik ko sa bibig niya yun gamit ang dila ko.


Talk About Fantasy 2

Submitted by on December 9, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish | Categories: Fetish, Mature, Reluctance, Romance | Tags: ,

I mentioned last time about my rape fantasy, right? Just a week ago, nangyari na siya. Hehe (naughty grin) My hubby(ninja.hokage) willingly obliged to fulfill my fantasy. Oo hindi siya totoong rape, but it's not scripted. Hinayaan ko siya kung ano gusto niyang gawin. He blind folded me, and it was.. juicy (wink) haha! I was resisting like a normal victim would do while he was trying to kiss me. He held my hands up and used his body to pin me down the bed. I struggled to get my hand off his tight grip but I failed, then he used his other hand to undress me while still yrying to kiss me on the lips which is a lot of work for him because I kept on moving my face from left to right.

Grabe nakakalibog pala talaga yun... When he succeeded in pulling up my shirt, he started to kiss my breasts hungrily. He enclosed my nipples one by one and licked them oh so good... Gusto ko umungol pero pinaninindigan ko parin na kailangan ko mag resist haha! Ang hirap magpigil ng libog gosh! Then I felt him moving up until my lips touched a moist flesh.. Instantly I knew that it was his throbbing dick, rock hard and waiting for my lips to open up. My defenses got weaker and I felt the urge to lick that piece of meat in front of me. Though I cannot see, but I could feel his hardness. He was still pinning my hands above my head.

My lips parted to welcome his hard cock, I tasted it, licked it and nibbled it. Gosh libog na libog na ako.. maya maya kinakantot niya na yung bibig ko....

Talk About Fantasy

Submitted by on November 6, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: Fetish, Reluctance | Tags:

Madami akong weird na bagay na naiisip lately, siguro epekto ng stress o dahil malungkot ako.
Madami din akong fantasy na hindi pa nagagawa like makipag sex habang may nanonood,
Same room sex, girl to girl, atbp.
Pero may specific fantasy ako na mukhang imposible mangyari
Pero palagi ko parin naiisip na pano pag biglang nangyari?

Gusto kong ma rape. Hahaha and weird pero naiisip ko talaga.
Pano kung ma rape ako? Ma aarouse kaya ako? Iiyak? Matatakot?

Pano pag staged yung rape? Acting pero walang script, ma arouse kaya ako?
Same kaya epekto? Gusto ko malaman hanggang saan ko kaya

Weird pero iniisip ko parin.
Sabagay weird naman din ako. Haha ....

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