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control the nostalgia, suppress the melancholy ... some things are only meant for dreaming ...
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falling in love is like desperately holding on to something precious,not wanting to give up though your hands feel pain & when you finally let go you're free from the pain but your hands are free :(
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If you are not yet ready and can't be constant with me, go away.
If you can't be crazy with me and I can't make you happy, turn away.
If you can't stand my jealousy, walk away.
If you can't handle me being clingy and doesn't miss me, break away.
If my voice can no longer get your attention, fly away.
If you can't find time for me and think I'm hard to deal with, be away.
If you can't listen to my dreams and dramas in life, run away.
If you don't see me having future with you and building a family, please stay away.
If you can still sleep knowing that I felt bad, move away.
If my tears will be just nothing to you and you can lie straight to my eyes, slip away.
If you can't love me rightly nor see me beyond what your eyes can see, be far far away....