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There is a reason why I have chosen to be anonymous and remain a mystery. I am who you want me to be, who you wish for. I take shape in your mind.
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I live inside your mind and your dreams.
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Phone Sex with Anne: Last Time

Submitted by on June 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Anne. Such a beautiful name. After our first phone sex, it did not stop there. We talked nearly every night for a few months. After the first couple of weeks, we started talking like we were lovers. Like me, she didn’t want anyone from her family to know about us. So we had to be very careful when calling each other.

Each time we talked, it wasn’t about doing phone sex all the time. Sure, a lot of times, we end up doing it anyway, but we talked about a lot of things too. All those months, we never went as far as revealing who we were.

One night, she asked me, “John, do you really like me?”

“Of course! I do like you.” I answered.

She was quiet for… I can’t even remember how long, then I heard her crying.

“Anne! Hey, baby, what’s wrong? Bakit ka umiiyak?” I asked.

She didn’t reply, instead, kept on crying. I thought I should wait. Finally, she said, “John, last night na natin ito ha. I am leaving early morning. Doon na ako titira sa US.” She then continued crying again.

“ANO?” I heard her, but I… somehow, I think I refused to believe. I thought we had a good thing going on. Sure, we haven’t met, but I had genuine affection for her.

Still sobbing, “John, sorry ha. Ngayon ko lang sinabi sa iyo. Parang ayaw ko ngang umalis, pero I have to.”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say, or even think. For minutes, I kept quiet. I listened to he...

Phone Sex with Anne Part 5 Third Orgasm

Submitted by on June 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Part 5

Third Orgasm

Anne had her second powerful orgasm and went quiet. I waited and thought about what just happened. The thought of her as horny as she was and coming the way she did made me feel good. I take pride in giving pleasure to girls and hearing them moan, hearing her scream in pleasure served as a powerful aphrodisiac for me.



“Yeah. Paano iyan, hahanapin ko lagi sa iyo ito.”

“Ako din. Sana magkasama tayo ngayon. Pahinga muna sandal then I will make you come again.”

Anne giggled.

“Gusto ko iyan. Ikaw, hindi ka pa nag come.”

“Hindi pa nga. Gusto ko nga madaming beses kang mag come before me.”

“John, grabe, ang swerte naman ng girls sa iyo. Kasi yung mga friends ko, minsan sabi nila, ang boyfriends daw nila, basta konting romansa, then iyon na, penetration na, tapos pag nilabasan na sila, that’s it. So minsan, ang friends ko, nabibitin sila.”

“Sila? Like more than one?”

“Yeah. Akala ko tuloy, all guys are like that. Buti nga you’re not.”

“Ako naman kasi, I really get turned on pag horny ang girl sa akin. So sa akin, lalo kung nakikita ko na sarap na sarap ang girl sa akin, lalo akong ginaganahan.”

“Naku, e super wild ako kanina. Did that turn you on?”

“Anne, narinig ko pa lang ang boses mo kanina, turned...

Phone Sex with Anne Part 4 Second Orgasm

Submitted by on June 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Part 4

Second Orgasm

We went silent for a couple of minutes. Anne just had a powerful orgasm. I can hear her breathing. My heart was beating fast too.

“Anne, are you ok?”

“John! Oh my God! Grabe!” Anne was breathing heavily, panting. “Grabe, ngayon ko lang na experience na ganyang kasarap! Para akong hindi makahinga kanina! Sobrang sarap!”

I was pleased, very pleased to hear her say that. Nothing turns me on than the thought of giving pleasure to a girl.

“Ano ang difference compared to dati when you were masturbating?”

“Grabe! Basta when I masturbate, parang ganon lang, basta pag nag come ako, masarap lang.”

“Kanina nung nilalabasan ka, nanginginig nga ang voice mo.”

“I know. Grabe. Libog na libog ako. John, can you make me come again?”

“Gusto ko nga mag come ka ng maraming beses e.”

“Did you?”

“Ako? No pa. Di ko pa hinahawakan ang titi ko. Mas masarap pag bitin na bitin. Ayan, habang magkausap tayo, yayakapin kita. Nakaupo ka pa rin sa harap ko. Hinahalikan ko ang tiyan mo at puson.”

“Sige, John. Ako naman, hinihimas ko ang shoulders mo.”

“Anne, bubuhatin kita, ihihiga kita sa kama ko. Kumapit ka sa shoulders ko. Dumapa ka sa kama.”

“Ayan, nakadapa na ako.”

“Anne, pinagmamasdan ko ang likod mo. Hahawiin ko ang buhok...

Phone Sex with Anne Part 1, 2 & 3

Submitted by on June 17, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Part 1


Years ago, I lived with my family in a subdivision in Quezon City. Although it has been a long time since we moved away, I still have fond memories of the years I lived there.

Right in the middle of the subdivision is a large parcel of land – a whole block. Aside from several tennis courts, a plaza and a chapel, this is also where the basketball court is located. Despite the existing amenities, there is still a large lot that remained unused. Credit goes to the homeowners who planted trees years earlier. The residents of this subdivision called this block the recreational park.

During afternoons, the adults occupy the tennis courts. Some old people and mostly young girls jog around the park. As for me, we young boys occupy the basketball court. Normally, we play loosely, but around late afternoons, our play picks up. This is the time when girls who finish jogging rest their tired legs by sitting on concrete benches around the basketball court.

Depending on how hot the girls are, our intensity level increases for reasons only our collective egos and hormones can explain. Obviously, when some of our prettier neighbors are watching, we tend to try to outdo each other, trying to impress.

In the months that followed after my family moved into the subdivision, I became good friends with several neighbors. We started to have drinking sessions at night. Althou...

Masturbation Class

Submitted by on June 13, 2015 (2 years ago)
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The event: A class on masturbation.

The location: An undisclosed location in Metro Manila.

The participants: An anonymous group of girls.

Before you continue reading this post, take a moment to relax. Close your eyes and imagine yourself participating in this class.

Here is an account of how the class went down:

I stood silently outside the door. Through the glass window, I see you and the other girls sitting silently on lounge chairs. I thought the lounge chairs would make it more comfortable for you. It took some guts to be here, I have to hand it to you. A class like this, you simply cannot advertise.

All of you are members and visitors of this site. Some of you are writers, while others are readers. One or two are not members, but have expressed interest on my email.

I wondered if you feel uncomfortable, being in the presence of other girls. For what its worth, they probably feel the same way as you do. I took a deep breath and entered the room.

“Hi, everyone.” I greeted, and was met by silent stares, including you. I spent the next several minutes introducing myself, and kept the conversation light. Finally, I see you appear to be comfortable enough.

“Before we get started, I would like each one of you to tell everyone else something about yourself. No need to tell everyone your name and other information that may personally identify you.”...

Cum for Me: A Phone Sex Monologue

Submitted by on June 13, 2015 (2 years ago)
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“How was your day?”

“Alam mo, napansin ko, pag binabati kita, ang sagot mo lagi, ‘OK lang.’ I would have thought paminsan minsan you would be like, ‘I had a great day,’ or something like that.”

“See, stressed ka na naman.”

“Sabi ko nga sa iyo, maiinis ka e wala namang mangyayaring pagbabago. Isa pa, may nawala ba sa iyo? Kung iisipin nga, napakaliit lang na bagay iyan, kung pinalipas mo sana, hindi ka na nainis.”

“Tama naman ang sinasabi mo. Dala na rin ng pagod, kaya madali kang naapektuhan. Kaya sa susunod, try mo ito, every half hour, close your eyes for one minute, tapos every hour naman, stand up and stretch for one minute. Hindi biro iyang nasa stationary position ka for long hours. Hindi ka nga gumagalaw, nakakangalay naman.”

“Binola mo pa ako. Hindi naman sa may sense akong kausap. Sigurado ako, lahat naman ng nakakausap mo, may sense din naman. Yung iba lang kasi, piniling maging makulit. Sigurado ako sa personal, hindi naman sila ganyan.”

“Ok lang iyan. Kahit hindi pa naman tayo nagkikita, ang turing ko naman sa iyo, friend.”

“Madami rin akong nakakausap, iilan lang ang maayos. Ikaw pa, ang sarap sarap mo ngang kausap.”

“Ganon? Pinalalaki mo ang puso ko ha. Kung sabagay, ako din naman. Pag kausap kita, heto, nakahiga lang ako sa kama, relax lang.”

“Oo naman. Kung hindi pa ako nakaligo, hihiga ba ako sa kama? Ikaw kaya, naka...