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I am a medical technologist and a frustrated writer too.
I am a member of a local band (guitarist), Plays Basketball, A gamer and a nerd. I hate coping up in the social policies of the society. An Introvert, but once you gained my trust i can be a loyal and a good friend you can trust.
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Great Escape 4: Memory Card

Submitted by on January 4, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I was alone. Thank goodness, for once, I was alone in the house. I already got the time to see what was inside that memory card he gave me. so I went to my room and locked my door. Of course, just so I would be warned if my family was already home.

I opened my laptop and put the card in the reader. When I opened the card, there was only one file. It was a video. I played it. There I was lying on the bed, sleeping. I was still wearing that lacy top he gave me. Then afterwards he came up to me and shrugged me off of my sleep and I woke. I looked like I was high. Oh shit. I can’t remember any of this! My heart started to pound.

I was starting to get all scared and nervous at the same time. What did he do? I watched intently.

“hey baby, rise and shine. I got something interesting for you.” He said.

“yeah? What? I feel a bit weird though” I said.

“it’s okay. You’re fine. You’ll feel a lot better with our little game today. And we have a playmate.”

“what game? Who?” I was confused.

“the game we always play. It doesn’t matter babe. You don’t have to know him. All you have to do is to feel him.”

And I didn’t got the chance to say anything cause he was already in my mouth. However, the other guy which he referred to as our ‘playmate’, already sat beside me and kissed me at my neck. Then afterwards, mike’s hand travelled down my body. His hands went ov...

Great Escape: Submission

Submitted by on December 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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When I got home, I went straight to my room and charged my phone. When I opened it, I got loads of messages from him wanting to make up. I don’t know what to say after what just happened today. It feels weird. Here I am so confused as I wanted to get back with my all apologetic boyfriend yet I can’t stop thinking about how I didn’t refuse to that stranger who bed me today. This is just so fucked up.I felt really guilty yet there’s a strange feeling in me which wants to see that stranger again. With this thought in mind, I went to bed.

  The next morning I woke up to the loud sound of my brother’s voice shrugging me off of my sleep.

“Dude, wake up. Someone’s at the door for you.”

“Who is it?”

“He said he was Mike though he doesn’t look familiar to me. Isn’t he one of your friends?”

“What?” I gasped in horror

“Just go up to the door now, will you?”

So I got up and went to see who this guy is. I for sure don’t know any Mike aside from my uncle. And as I got there, my eyes had never been bigger. Fuck. It’s him again.

And before I was able to say anything, he stopped me and spoke “if you want me to answer your questions, you have to come with me now. Just change your clothes and bring another. Don’t bother taking a bath. Just do as I tell you.”

“What? I can’t leave! What am I supposed to say to my parents?”


Great Escape: 9th floor (2)

Submitted by on December 21, 2015 (2 years ago)
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As we're driving off, i was contemplating what am i doing. This is wrong. I have a boyfriend but another part of me tells me to just follow this man. And I did. It's just this time. Hindi na masusundan ulit. I promised myself. An empty promise. This is my great escape.

We arrived at a luxurious hotel. It was really nice that i felt i was underdressed for it. As we both got out of his car, a valet approached and he handed him his keys. Then the valet drove off to park the car. As i was staring at the hotel entrance, dumbfounded again, he reached for my hand and clasp it with his. Then he let me turn and look at him. When our eyes met, i could see this seductive look and i try to look away. He's so distracting me.

Then he held my chin for me to face him then he flashed this great smile "come. Let me take care of you now" i dont even know what that means and he walked on, dragging me behind.
As we entered the elevator, he pressed 9 and immediately the door closed. And as the door closed, it was too late. I was dumbfounded again. All of a sudden i was face to face with him. His body pressed into mine. And i could feel him, just a bit below my navel. And he keeps on pressing it on me as he kissed me on my neck and carresed my hair and my bottom at the same time. His light kisses on my neck makes my hair stand on end. It was weird yet pleasurable. Then i could feel his hands touching my left breast. And then it came to me that we're in an...

Great Escape: The Shirt

Submitted by on December 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Hello Guys this is the first story I made and I hope you liked it, inspired by a true story from my friend and she's not the one on the picture to show respect. So hope you enjoy! :)


Well I got a confession to make,. And this is not just an ordinary confession. You can call me Yan. I'm small around 5 flat. Slim and has a short hair. Though I'm quite busty for my stature. Well im sort of cute hindi sa pagbubuhat ng bangko and i'm half Japanese. anyways,
I know it's not in my nature to fling. As what others termed it, "Manang" ako with regard to certain things about flirting lalo na when it involves sensual, and worse sexual things. I also know that i promised myself way before that i will not involve myself in any sexual acts. I shall just do it with the one I love. And yes, I lived up to that promise.Not until recently.

Well, let me start by narrating how it all started during a month ago. Yes. It is just about over a month ago. It all happened so fast. Even I cant believe myself for falling into this unimaginable dilemma that i am facing right now. Here goes.

It was a very depressing day. Why? Because we fought again. And this time, I really can't help it. I'm really tired of crying and yet I can't stop. I even cried myself to sleep. However, the next day, I found the courage to hold myself together and just once, forget about what happened. So I decided to go out. Alone...