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Submitted by on May 17, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Here I am asking as you slap me senseless...

How could anyone understand the spark that ignites?
That with every blood from a cut when we fight,
A passionate force tells us that it is alright?
Destructive, violent and not a pretty sight
Yet we love to hate with all our might.

You and I, we are two of a kind
To savour suffering is our best bind
So Baby, hit me, kick me, I won't mind
Give me a reason to scratch your hind,
Bite your tongue and render you blind!

Peace disguised in chaos and mayhem.
Why do we find pleasure in every pain?
Both sated with each given stain
Drawn to each other, even in bane
By noxious malice, by blood, by disdain?

Waiting for answers while I bash your toe with a hammer....

©All Rights Reserved...


Submitted by on May 6, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Resilience escapes the grip of endurance
And the curse of autumn, touches the tree of life
One last tap and it shattered the brittle glass
With thundering menace it fell to the hard ground
Scattered and missing little important parts

Like a hoarder who hates throwing away anything
You picked each pieces with your bare calloused hands
Sharp edges cutting the pads of each finger
Hand in mouth, you suck the blood
Tanginess poses no challange to your unwavering heart

With each puzzle that you pieced together
Struggling to keep connected to one another
And supporting to stop from breaking altogether
The more crack on the surface appears
A kind of damage that no amount of adhesive could ever conceal

It pains me to see how you're doing everything
Even if it hurts so much that tears well from your eyes
I asked myself, 'Is it really worth your while?"
The agony and the anger oppressed by obsession and desire?

What am I to do?
When my heart can't hold on to?
Who can save you?
When I'm not willing to?
How can I tell you to let go?
Because I've already done so?

Yes, I did
Do so too.

Author's Note

Dedicated to a shy friend who's facing difficulties in her marriage.

I hope the both of them do what's best for them.



Submitted by on April 28, 2017 (1 year ago)
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i. Hit

I was pleased to be just me
Unaffected, jolly and sometimes, serene
Other times angry, but otherwise happy
Then you came and everything changed

I felt a sudden missing that wasn't there before
I don't want nor need it, but loneliness persisted
In my heart, something constantly grows so painfully
A hallow within, aching to be filled by something

ii. Denial

I looked the other way, walking past by you
Convinced myself that only if I faithfully ignore
Would the malady be gone and I would be cured
Much like a bad wind gushing fleetingly ahead

I am fine, I could take it, if I could just hold it in
I closed my eyes and run blindly away
The further I am, the less affected I'd be
I'll be happy alone, just like before...

iii. Acceptance

Or so I thought, but I was wrong
The more I denied, the more it pains
The more I run away, the more tired I became
I could never be free, distance is just an illusion

What I really needed, is to be with you
No one else would fit this empty hallow
Without you, a half-life is what I would follow
Like a moon without the sun in its horizon

iv. Plead

So wont you, take me with you?
Would you love me as I do?
Forgive my foolishness and emb...

How To Be You

Submitted by on April 20, 2017 (1 year ago)
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It was a boring afternoon that Holyweek and everyone must be busy being with their family and doing their own things, matumal ang GC.

That early evening, naisipan kong sumilip at saktong inabutan ko ang dalawang binatang naghaharutan. Dahil walang gurls, naisipan nilang mag-boystalk so to speak.

Tamad ako mag-backread kaya naman inabutan ko na lang ang buntot ng kanilang usapan.

It seems both male have this mutual admiration sa isa pa naming tropa na nagkataong MIA that week.
They were joking around it seems, expressing their sablay moments to hook a lady, not necessarily for illicit purposes, but simply just.

"How to be Mando?" they mused.

At dahil pakialamera ako, I butt in...

Tip #1 Kunyari Joke Lang - saying things in a joking manner but really just fishing. Pagkumagat ka, huli! Pagwalang nabingwit, di nakakahiya, biro nga lang diba?

Tip #2 Lie effectively - Kung sino kaharap, siyang kausap. Self projection lang, always hide your cards.

Tip #3 Kunyari Hurt - Effective daw yung magdramang agrabyado ka paminsan minsan... pangalabit sa motherly instinct ng mga babaeng mababaw ang luha at simpatiya.

Tip #4 Maangmaangan - Lol, pa inosente effect!

Tip #5 Heart Don't Go Sunbathing - Or else daw, durog ka!

Tip #6 Explain Pa More! - Justificat...

Taglagas At Ang Gabi (Dark Erotica)

Submitted by on April 19, 2017 (1 year ago)
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I. Ang Bituin Ng Casa Catalina

Taong labing siyam na libo pitumpu't siyam, sa isang bahagi ng Maynila sa bansang Pilipinas ay matatagpuan ang isang mundong taliwas sa mga kaganapan sa labas ng lipunan.

Panahon ng Batas Militar at bawat tahanan, gusali, maging mga kalye ay tahimik at tila dinaanan ng karo ng patay. Subalit, may ilang lugar na nananatiling buhay at patuloy sa kasiyahan.

Kabilang na ang isang bahay aliwan na dinarayo ng mayayamang parokyano dahil sa serbisyong malaya nilang nakakamtan kapalit ng salapi at pabor mula sa kanilang pamilyang malapit sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. Sa loob nito ay mausok at madilim ang kapaligiran. Maliban sa liwanag ng dilaw na hanay ng bombilyang nakapalibot sa entablado ay wala ng iba pang ilaw sa maliit na tanghalan ng Casa Catalina.

Casa Catalina, dito sa makasalanang lugar na ito natagpuan ni Lucrezia ang matagal na niyang hinahanap.

Sa kabila ng pangungutya at pag-alipusta ng marami sa kanyang pagkababae;

Sa kabila ng kababuyan at kahalayang niyayakap niya tuwing gabi;

Sa maraming beses na kinailangang isanla niya ang kanyang katawan kapalit ng pananatili sa lugar na iyon;

Hindi siya kailan man susuko! Hanggat hindi dumarating ang takdang panahon, mananatili siya sa Casa Catalina.

Ngayong gabi, oo, ngayong gabi nga. Dumating na ang pagkakataong kanyang inaasam. Ang dalawang taon na kanyang binuno sa pag...


Submitted by on January 21, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Ebony petals against faded ivory 
Two fragrance in twin agony 
One as dark as one as bright 
Half exists in daylight the other at night. 
The moon and the sun will soon align 
And one would fade behind 
Solar nor Lunar, neither is desired 
For Harmony would be in dire 

Heart divided and held on either's hand 
Man's desire of two beauties, a pleasure weigh at hand 
Side by side no haze in between 
The waves of time in two currents as one 
When the siren and the nymph meets and collide 
Don't fall under two spells at once 
The dream and the fantasy is no hope you'll see 
But a drowning to the abyss of a never ending eclipse....

A Love Affair

Submitted by on January 18, 2017 (1 year ago)
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I remembered it all, every little detail of that night...

The day I wake to find you beside my naked self with your arm's warm embrace engulfing my spirit and my left hand dead on its weight enclosing your soft full breast.

I could still sense the aroma of your morning breath, heavenly fanning my face as your eyes slowly opens to find me staring.

Sweet smiles slowly forms in both of our lips as memories filled our minds with our night full of love and unadulterated lust; remembering how blissful it was - skin to skin, joined together as one.

Each sigh, each touch, each kiss...

Felt so good, so right, so at home.

For with you, finally I found that pull, that magic that others had – your heart-melting lava of wet insides, longing for a throb only from my burning rod.

Just like a sonnet with the syllables in count; we found a world rhyming the both of us.

You welcomed me with legs apart. My member so rigid, so silky and wanting and our pores open, slippery, burning!

Each contact was electrifying and satisfying. Each taste was passionately sweet and addicting. As we came to our peak, a new height starts to rise, just like a spiral with no end in sight.

It was beautiful.

But it was sinful.

My heart starts to break with each passing moment. We both know, this couldn't go on for I have someone who I promised my lifetime ahead.


Submitted by on July 28, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Ako'y isang nilalang
Na ligaw sa kamunduhan
Buhay ko'y kahalintulad
Ng basang sisiw sa lansangan
Wala akong patutunguhan
Bukas ko'y hindi ko matanaw
Ngunit ika'y namagitan
Kamay ko'y iyong tinangan
Pilit akong tinulungan
Umahon mula sa putikan

Ikaw ang liwanag na naghatid ng pag-asa
Sa puso kong winasak ng tadhana
Ikaw ang nagbigay sa akin ng halaga
Sa kabila ng puri kong sing rungis ng grasa

Buhay ko'y kulang pa
Katumbas ng iyong ginawa
Puso ko'y di sapat
Kapalit ng pag-ibig mong tapat
Ngayon hanggang sa katapusan
Maging umulit man ang aking buhay
Walang ibang hahanapin kundi ikaw lamang
Ikaw na karugtong ng pulang pisi ng aking kapalaran.


Sawsaw (Three)

Submitted by on July 25, 2016 (1 year ago)
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©All Rights Reserved

Katahimikan, nakakabinging katahimikan ang namagitan sa pagitan ni Ames at Chino matapos ang gabing isinugal ng dalaga ang lahat ng mahalaga sa kanya.

Isang linggo ang lumipas at ni ha ni ho ay walang namagitan sa kanila.

Hindi malaman ni Ames kung ano na ba ang estado ng kanilang relasyon, part of her already knows that something has died, na may iba na.

Kasabay ng kahihiyang ramdam na ramdam niya sa kanyang sarili ay ang munting kurot ng kirot sa kanyang puso.

Tama ba ang kanyang ginawa?

Araw araw niyang kinakapa ang kanyang sarili. Tinatantya ang kakayahan niyang tanggapin, kung sakali, ang bagong mundong pinili niyang pasukin.

Gaano niya kamahal si Chino at hanggang saan siya handang magpakalunod para dito. Takot, matinding takot sa sarili ang namamayani. Paano kung makasanayan niya? Paano kung hanaphanapin ng kanyang katawan ang kakaibang sarap na hatid ng pakikipagtalik sa iba? Dahil aminin man niya o hindi, nasarapan siya sa pagkantot sa kanya ni Hamilton. Mas masarap pa ito kesa kay Chino.

Sino ba ang nagsabing masarap lang ang sex kung ginawa mo kasama ng mahal mo?

Hindi pala totoo.

She remembered Hamilton, and how it felt so good to be fucked by him.

Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin siya makapaniwala kung ilang beses siyang nilabasan habang inaangkin nito.

Natigil ang kanyang pagmumunimuni ng makatanggap ng...

Fulfilled Fantasy - Unfulfilled Expectations

Submitted by on July 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish | Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Mature | Tags:

I recently experienced a disappointment. Well, not so much as a let down but more of an expectation not met. It wasn't so bad, just that realization hit me - fantasy is much better staying as fantasy.

Watching porn really stimulates my libido. During nights when I feel the urge to have a release, I watch porn to help me speed up the process.

When I discovered this community, additional options comes my way. Reading erotic stories open up a whole new world for me. Some comes as a shocker, few I tried for myself.

It wasn't so long ago that I fantasized about watching a couple have wild sex in front of me. I mean, if porn could arouse me, how much more if it's live and in close proximity?

That's what I thought...

Until it happens.

It didn't.

I hadn't felt anything at all. Not a nipple twitch, not a drop of wetness down there.

It's not an experience I would repeat with gusto.

It was nice but not arousing for me.

I am thankful for the couple who trusted me to watch them and if they are reading this, I wanted them to know that the problem is with me and not with the way they did it.

Maybe, I am not just cut out for it?

If they would permit, i'd tell the story of that night and let everyone who care to read know how hot it was.

One friend told me this:

Ganun naman tayo pag may hinahangad mas masarap pa yung anticipation of h...

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