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Paradise Island... part 1

Submitted by on March 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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While Dick was having his meeting when a text came in ….   “Loves tagal pa meeting mo?  Waiting for you to be back here… I miss you..”

Dick and Claire are having a breather in one of the island paradise and he just needs to be back in office to attend an important meeting and left Claire early in the morning.  In Dick’s mind, he can clearly see Claire’s figure under a blanket sleeping at her tummy, one hand resting at his pillow showing off the clear and smooth skin of her arm,  her long black hair although unkept at that time with the strands covering her face make her so damn pretty, with the sunshine starting to peek in through the windows.

Dick planted a gentle kiss on her bare back.  Her scent made Dick think twice, should he really go and attend that meeting?

His thoughts were interrupted… “Sir that’s all… Are there questions?” asked by the presenters. 

“It’s ok.. thanks guys… “ replied Dick and gestured to all to start packing up.  He texted… “Loves meeting done na.  I will be on my way to the airport and see you in a while… I love you”

At the plane…

As soon as Dick was seated, his mind wandered off.  The things that happened the night before were still so clear in his mind and made her long for Claire.

The night before…

After the dinner, Dick and...

Condo Transfer (Part 5)

Submitted by on September 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Dick’s shaft remained inside Claire’s pussy and he felt her pussy pressing on his shaft

“ahhhh Claire… hmmm shit ang muscle control mo ahhhh” with a smile on his face

Claire smiled sweetly and smacked his lips…


Claire and Dick fell asleep….

In the middle of the night, Dick woke up and with only the light coming from the full moon, she can see the angelic face and the curvy figure of Claire.  Dick thought how possible it is that an angel be at his side now.   

Carefully and gently, he caressed her hair and took some of the strands away from her nose.  Gently and slowly he planted a kiss at her cheek, at her chin, and a smack at her lips.

“Hmmmm..” murmured Claire.. “Loves, why are you awake?” she asked

“I just wanted to make sure that all of this is not a dream”, Dick answered “I can’t believe na may diosa sa tabi ko now”

Claire gave Dick her sweetest smile and slowly lifted her hand, pulled Dick’s head closer to her and planted a light kiss on his lips.   Instinctively, Dick opened Claire’s mouth his tongue,  circling it inside Claire’s mouth.  Claire, sucked Dick’s tongue and pulled his head closer.

Dick gently inserted his hand inside Claire’s blouse and mashed her breasts gently…. pinched her nips between his two fingers and slowly...

Condo Transfer (Part 4)

Submitted by on May 3, 2014 (3 years ago)
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"I am cumming again..ahhhh.. ayan na…. ohhhh” Claire’s body jerked
Dick pulled out his shaft and came also on top of Claire’s pussy…


Dick helped out Claire fixed herself up and they went down to look for a good food to eat. They saw the Chinese Restaurant with not so many people eating at that time and asked to be seated at the second floor. They have selected one of the tables at the wall and almost at the far end of the room. They are both seated at the same side and each table is separated by a divider that covers each table.

While looking at the menu, Dick’s hand is on top of Claire’s thigh. Although his eyes are at the menu, his mind and consciousness is at the warmth he is feeling from the skin of her thigh. Instinctively, he starts to rub his hand on her thigh. Claire felt a hotness down there, and opened her legs a little. Dick felt the legs opening and now moved his hand sa inner thigh. Rubbing it now… up.. down… up… down.. stopping at just where he can feel the hottest part down there.

Claire whispered to Dick.. “Loves, let’s take the food out na lang…” and licked Dick’s ear.

Dick signaled to the waiter to have their orders packed and settled the bill

Dick and Claire then drove out of the parking and went back to the condo.

As soon as the door closed, Dick placed the bag of foods at back of the door and started kissin...

Condo Transfer (Part 3)

Submitted by on April 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“SHHHIIITTTT… I am so wet… ahhhhh” cried byClaire

In…out…in..out…in…out… getting faster now…. In… out…in… out… in..out

“I am coming…commingggggg… ahhhhhh…. diiiicckkkk“  Claire shouted..

“I am coming too…. Ahhhhhh” as Dick pulled out his shaft….

Claire turned around and they hugged tightly..


The two of them took a warm shower and playfully bathe each other.  Dick placing soap at Claire’s body…. Rubbing it to a lather especially at Claires’s boobs and pussy… Claire using her palm, lathers Dick’s shaft… moving her hand up and down along the shaft… when it begins to harden, Claire stopped and opened the shower full blast and giggled….

Dick tried to pull her closer… “later… “ says Claire with a wink “we need to eat…”

After the shower, Dick changed into a fresh shirt and shorts… Claire wore a maong mini skirt… a white spaghetti strapped blouse with a strapless bra.  She just bundled her long black hair up,  placed a light touch of sun block lotion on her face…

Dick just can’t believe how such a beauty be real….on his thoughts… “I must be dreaming… and if this is a dream… I hope I will never wake up….”

Claire turned around… gave Dick that smile…. “let...

Condo Transfer (Part 2)

Submitted by on April 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Pabilis ng pabilis… padiin ng padiin ang dila at bibig nya sa pussy ni Claire… alternately… slow slow…faster faster faster….. slow slow … faster faster faster faster… slow slow.. faster and faster now.
“I am commmiiinnggg… shiiit… “ tuluyan at tuluy tuloy na nilabasan si Claire exactly at Dick’s face.

Dick happily sucked all her juices and licked even those dripping at her legs…


Dick stood up… looked at Claire’s angelic face with her eyes closed and a sweet smile on her face…. He planted a light kiss on her forehead and fixed her long black hair to the sides.

“I love you….” he whispered near her face…

“I love you too…” she whispered back.. her eyes now half-open … breathing softly.. and gave him that smile… the smile than can melt any man’s heart and make you contented just by staring at her face.

Dick can feel the warmth of her breath… can smell the sweet scent of her body… He can’t resist the urge of planting a soft kiss on her lips… then a second one…. a third kiss… Claire’s mouth began to open…

Dick took out his tongue and begins to lick her lips.. starting at top… going to the right corner… licking the lips below…moving to the left corner… Claire’s mouth opened wider… her tongue beginning to stick out too…

They exchanged hot kisses…. mga dila.. nag eespadahan ang...

Condo Transfer

Submitted by on April 20, 2014 (3 years ago)
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This is a work of fiction and  any resemblance to real situation is coincidental :)

Dick has long been waiting for this day. A full moon today and a lucky day to transfer home. He promised his friend Claire that he will be helping out do the transfer. Claire is moving to a new place all by herself.

Dick checked his stuff, extra shirts, rubber gloves, his toolbox just to make sure. He wore a plain colored shirt, walking shorts to be comfortable and comfortable sneakers. He folded the seats of his Innova to make space for the boxes that Claire told him they will bring. On Claire’s description of the sizes of the boxes and luggages, he felt there is no need to bring extra help.

He went to Claire’s parent’s house and at the front gate there are just two boxes and two luggage. Apparently, Claire has asked professional movers to bring the bigger stuff in advanced and what left are her personal stuff. After loading the boxes and bidding goodbyes to the family members, off they went.

At the new condo, Dick asked for a baggage trolley and was able to place all the boxes and luggage on it and proceeded directly to the room. When they opened the door, all the big stuff and boxes are already in but still in unfixed condition. The first thing they did is to position all the furniture, there is three-seater red sofa to be fixed at the wall near the window, a glass side table with a delicate lamp shade...

Partnering in a journey....

Submitted by on April 16, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Life has always been a journey... And in this path we meet and get acquainted with a lot of people... Along our way, we see them at the sides, some will edge us to go on... a number may even give us wrong direction, and only a few would we willing to let us ride with them in their journey.

From these few people, there will always be someone who will stand out not because they are attractive, not because they are popular, not because they are being sought of by almost everyone... But mainly because of a chemistry between you.  That special moment that without speaking, just by hearing each other's breath over the phone, you can understand each other's inner feelings.  Just by a single letter that you type in the text message, you know it's time for you to come in and be a buddy to that person.... By a simple emoticons on the chat, you know the whole story behind it and what you should do.

I am lucky to be part of that person's journey and i will eternally be grateful for letting me be part of the ride...

Du er alltid i mitt sinn.........

Si Hasmin... (part3)

Submitted by on April 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Maingat na pinunasan ni Dick ang naikalat nyang tamod gamit gamit ang baby wipes na laging nakahanda sa car nya.  Sa pagpuppunas ay hindi sinadyang matamaan ng kamay nya ang naka open pang pussy ni Hasmin. 

Sa tuwing matatama at mapapadiin ang kamay nya ay napapaungol ang tulog na si Hasmin.. “hmmm ahhhh” mahinang reaksyon nito at kusang naiipit ang kamay ni Dick sa pagitan ng hita.

Hindi nakapagpigil si Dick at muli na naman nitong ibinuka ang hita ni Hasmin, isinubsob ang ulo at pinadaan ng dila ang hiwa ng puke nito.  Pinalapad ni Dick ng husto ang dila nya and brushed the slit, slowly and gently, moving his tongue, up…. down…. Up   down…

Naramdaman ni Dick na umangat ang kamay ni Hasmin holding on the head rest ng upuan nito, sabay inangat at pwet para isalubong sa paghagod ng dila ni Dick ang puke nya.  Maya maya, binilisan ni Dick ang paghagod… bilis….bilis…

“OOOhhhhhh.. ahhhhh….. ano ba ito… ahhhhhh” ungol ni Hasmin na angat baba angat baba ang pwet…

Pabilis ng pabilis ang hagod ng dila…. Up down up down up down…

“ang sarap… ahhhh ohhhhh… shit ka… ahhhh” hindi na maimulat ni Hasmin ang mata ..

Pinatulis ni Dick ang dila nya and concentrated now sa dulo ng clit ni Hasmin while his middle finger is now playing around the wet lips of her pussy.  Dila ni Dick kinakalabit kalabit ang clit ni Hasmin… left   right… left...

Si Hasmin... (part 2)

Submitted by on April 3, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Kumadyot kadyot ang pussy ni Hasmin at sabay todo angat palapit sa mukha ni Dick… Naramdaman ni Dick ang paglabas ng tamod nito derecho sa bibig nya.

Humina na ang ulan sa labas…


All along ang akala ni Hasmin ay tapos na si Dick… but he continued to lick and suck her clit… Mas madiin, mas gutom na gutom… todo dila taas at baba… kaliwa at kanan… alternately pinapalapad nya dila nya para mahagod ang buong hiwa… at pinapatulis para masundot ang clit nya..

“Ahhhhh…. Shhiiiiiitttt… Sarap nyan…. Putcha ka…. “ sara buka ang legs ni Hasmin sa tindi ng kiliti at sarap...

Ng naramdaman ni Dick ang biglang napaipit ang hita ni Hasmin at sabunot sa ulo nya ay mas binilisan nya at mas diniin at pagsupsop sa puke nito…

Ayyyaaaaannn na… ooohhhhhh… hmmmmmmm” napakagat sa labi ni Hasmin at tuluy tuloy na namang umagos ang tamod nya palabas sa nakaabang na bibig ni Dick.   Dinila dilaan ito ni Dick at inipon sa loob ng bibig nya.

Ng naramdaman ni Dick na nailabas na ni Hasmin ang tamod nya, umangat ito at inilapit ang bibig sa labi ni Hasmin.  NIlabas nya ang dila nya at dahan dahang ibinuka ang bibig nito gamit dila nya.  Amoy na amoy ni Hasmin ang scent ng puke nya sa bibig ni Dick.  Mas lalo itong nag-init...    Pagbuka ng bibig nya at ipinasok na tuluyan ni Dick ang dila nya sa loob ng bibig at nagpapalitan sa sila ng...

Si Hasmin... Nagpainit Sa Gabi...

Submitted by on March 31, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Ito ay kathang isip lamang but inspired by a real person.. :)

Dick was invited to attend a product demonstration in one of the exclusive hotels in Makati.   Medyo hesitant sya to attend but since utos ng, napilitan sya knowing that it’s another half-day of unproductive work.  Buti na lang it’s after lunch so may time pa sya to finish some of his work sa umaga.

Once in the venue, he observed that there are now a lot of people coming in and few familiar faces.  Hanap sya ng magandang pwesto na medaling tumakas if ever.  May magandang spot na nasa bandang side na tanaw nya lahat ng attendees at the same time malapit sa door so medaling mag eskapo, sa isip nya.

The event started, people took their seats and two rows ahead someone caught his eyes.  A Chinese looking girl, maputi, short hair, and based on her looks lates 30’s or early 40’s ang age.  What caught his attention is her sweet face, gentle smile whenever she greets yong mga kilala nya, but her eyes showing some sadness that her smile could not hide.  She was in a semi-formal attire, buttoned blouse na closed till the neck, corporate slacks, faint mark of lipsticks on her lips… and no trace of make up on her face.

Throughout the first half of the presentation, Dick could not pay attention since he is distracted by that girl.  Bawat galaw nito sa upuan, lingon sa likod, pag kausap sa katabi, pagdampot ng cell phone, napapatingin sya. ...

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