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I Dreamed

Submitted by on October 4, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I DreamedI dreamed of freedom.

I dreamed of comfort.

I dreamed of courage.

I dreamed of strength.

I dreamed of of laughter.

I dreamed of happiness.

I dreamed of friendships that last a lifetime.

I dreamed of love that is faithful and true.

I dreamed of bonds that can never be broken.

I dreamed a life unlike my own.

I closed my eyes and see.

I’m somewhere else.

I’m someone else.

I opened my eyes and see.

I’m still here.

I’m still me.

I closed my eyes and dreamed.

I’ll open my eyes and live the dreams....

One More Time: Just My Imagination

Submitted by on September 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Ryan groaned with pleasure when he felt Cassie’s wet and warm mouth enveloped his shaft. The sensation of that tongue swirling around the engorged head of his cock had him bucking.

He lifted his head off the pillow. Looking back at him was the most beautiful pair of almond-shape eyes the color of honey. There was a naughty glint on her eyes as she suckled his manhood like a lollipop. Okay, like a popsicle, he quickly amended when she alternately sucked and licked his hard length.

 “Cassie, baby…” he rasped. He held on to her upper arms and dragged her up until they were eye to eye.

“That was very naughty of you,” he whispered against her lips. She bit his lower lip, her eyes teasing and challenging at the same time.

 “You got a problem with that?”

 “Hell, no.” He reached for her bottom and tightly squeezed her butt cheeks, her pussy rubbing against his erection. They both groaned.

 “You feel so good, Cass.”

She nibbled on his lip; her mouth moved to his jaw down to the side of his neck. He was certain that her lovely mouth left a mark. He was hers just as she was his.

In one quick move, he rolled her over. Cassie flicked her tongue over her lips as she ran her fingertips on the muscles of his chest and abdomen going lower and lower until he felt her hands cupped his balls.

He groaned, his muscles quivered with the pleasurable sensation.

One More Time

Submitted by on September 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Cassie could not believe what she's seeing, or rather, who she's seeing. She felt her strength left her. If not for the wall behind her, she would've crumpled to the ground. Oh, hell, she wished the floor would crack open and swallow her.

     "Lord in heaven! You've got to be kidding me!" she screamed in her head.

     She needed to get out of here. Pronto. Not that she can walk out of a meeting. But she could sure use a bit of alone time to compose herself. She looked for the nearest exit. She inwardly groaned with dismay when she realized that the only way out of the room was also the only way in. And the bastard was standing right next to it. Jumping out of the window was, of course, not an option since they were on the 24th floor. There's abso-fuckin-lutely no way she'll splatter her brains on the sidewalk because of him.

     "Well, Cassie, brace yourself and suck it up," she told herself.

     "Cass?" her close friend and colleague, Melanie, whispered.

     "Yeah?" "Are you all right? You're muttering."

     She mustered a smile. "I'm fine. Just thinking out loud."

     "Apparently, not loud enough for everyone to hear what that pretty brain of yours was thinking of."

     Cassie stiffened at the sound of that voice. She turned her attention to him, made certain that he could see her big, fake smile.

     "That was the goal."


Until The Rain Stops

Submitted by on July 1, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Until The Rain StopsYanna woke up to the sound of the rain hitting the glass window. With heavy lids, she slowly opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of dark skies peeking through the curtains. The bedroom was shrouded in darkness save for the digital clock on the bedside table. It was already nine in the morning but the darkness outside would make anyone think it’s only dawn.

She mentally chastised herself for not leaving the night before. She’s not a fan of rain. And with the heavy downpour, she won’t be surprised if some parts of Metro Manila are already flooded.

She shifted to get out of bed but before she could move any further, she felt his arm around her waist, tugging her until her back was against his hard chest. He wrapped his leg around her thighs and pulled her even closer she could swear there was no air between them.

“I have to go,” she murmured.

His only answer was to pull her closer, if that was even possible. She tried to tell herself that she really should leave but her body was telling her otherwise. She couldn’t help it. She basked in the warmth of his skin against hers. His breath on her nape gave her goose bumps. She shivered with delight.

Another shiver went up her spine when he started raining kisses on her nape down to her bare shoulders where he nipped her lightly. She felt his manhood against her ass. Thick. Warm. Hard.
She reached behind her and squeezed his ass. He retaliated by b...

Cold Shower 3

Submitted by on June 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Cold Shower 3He looked at her incredulously. She raised an eyebrow, as if daring him to oppose her.

“You really are killing me.” He placed his hands on both sides of her waist.

He took another sharp breath when she gently ran her hands up and down his thighs to his groin. The sensations brought by her feather-light caresses had him clenching his butt cheeks and his abdomen.

She laughed.

“You better stop teasing before I forget that I’m not supposed to fuck you.”

She held his hands. As she leaned over him, her lace-clad breasts barely grazing his chest, she positioned his hands over his head.

“Don’t say bad words,” she whispered into his ear.

She straightened up. Eyes never leaving his, Mia made a show if slowly untying the silk ribbons that held her nightie together. She shook her head when he started reaching for her.

“Keep your hands there,” she ordered.

She slowly, slid the thin straps of her shoulder until the lace sleepwear dropped like a pool to her waist.

“You’re so beautiful,” Dave murmured, in awe of the beauty that was his wife.

“And you love me.” It wasn’t a question.

“And I love you.”

She took her nightgown and once again leaned over him, her bare breasts scraping his naked chest. The feel of her skin on his was a decadent pleasure.

“Let’s make you love me more,” she murmure...


Submitted by on June 10, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I should have told you I cared
When you needed me most
When you were down and troubled
When tears kept rolling on your cheeks
I should have told you

I should have told you I loved you
When you were pale and weak
When you bid me goodbye
When you were laid to rest
I should have told you

Now it's too late
You're completely gone
I can be with you no longer
I should have told you

I should have told you I loved you
I should have told you I cared
I should have told you how much you meant to me
I should have told you

Cold Shower 2

Submitted by on June 7, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Cold Shower 2Dave gritted his teeth when the cold water made contact with his skin. Most days, he would not have mind waiting for ten hours but today was different. He spent the entire day at work wishing he was home and making love to his wife all over their apartment. An entire day imagining her soft skin gliding against his, his hands caressing her curves, of burying his face in the softness of her breasts. He imagined her moans and whimpers as he worshipped every inch of her.

Damn it! He was hard again. He contemplated jacking off just to relieve himself but it didn’t feel right. He wanted Mia. And he really should stop thinking about doing anything carnal with his wife before the cold water turned his balls into shriveled prunes.

When he felt like he had cooled off enough, he grabbed the towel and walked out of the bathroom naked while rubbing his hair dry. The towel was on his head and was covering his face so he didn’t immediately saw what Mia had done with the bedroom.

The first thing that registered to him was the smell. The room was filled with the scent of lavender, Mia’s favorite. His jaw dropped when he finally saw the bedroom.

It was set for seduction. The room was lighted by a number of lavender-scented candles placed all over the room. He frowned when the familiar notes of his favorite piano music filled the air.

The erection that he tried to tamp down with a cold shower instantly came back when he saw his wi...

Cold Shower 1

Submitted by on June 7, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Cold Shower 1I wrote and posted this story on another site under a different username. So here ya go.

“Hey,” he planted a soft kiss on her temple as he came up behind her. She was chopping vegetables in the counter, in his kitchen. He smiled. He could get used to this scene. “I’m home.”

“Hey, how was your day?” She tilted her head and gave him a quick peck on his lips. She frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“We sound so domesticated.”

He let out a small laugh. “Hon, that’s not surprising.” He reached for her right hand and pried the kitchen knife out if it. He caressed the simple white gold band on her ring finger, a ring that was identical to his. “This qualifies as a domestic relationship, don’t you think?”

“Speaking of which, I need you to behave or I’ll never be able to make us dinner,” Mia said as she grabbed his other hand which was already latched on her breast.

“Behaving is not allowed when I’m with you,” he whispered in her ear. He felt her shiver when he lightly nipped her earlobe. He pressed his pelvis unto her, making her feel his erection.

“Ahm… I have to… make…dinner…” she stuttered....