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Ties, and Bonds That Won't Disappear

Submitted by on December 1, 2017 (5 months ago)
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Theres a person that is loved by her husband that he gives her everything she needs and protects her, and children that cherishes her love, but that person would also do anything, just for your forgiveness and just to be with you, she would even leave her family and children, even her husband, just to live with you forever.

and theres that something dark inside of you that would want to keep her and live with her, and give her whatever she wants and needs, but at the same time you want to violate the purity out of her, and ravish her, something inside of you that would enslave her and ruin her beauty, and punish her for what she did.
what would you do ?...

Never Be Like You

Submitted by on May 8, 2017 (1 year ago)
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first time ko type ng story kaya pag pasensyahan sana, gusto ko lang i share ang part ng story ng buhay ko sa inyo, pasensya na din kung di maayos ang grammar at ang english, kung nag iexpect ka din ng sexual or erotic na story, then wala kang mababasa o mahahanap dito, hehe, so here what happend.

I once had girlfriend, beautiful, decent, understanding, and simple, shes all i ever wanted, she was all i ever wished for,i thought she was the one,id marry her at the time were dating if i could. her family is really rich, hindi kagaya sa amin na may kaya lang, and i gotta admit, her family doesnt like me that much, but i thought they got along since we dated for more than 7 years, but in the 7th year of our relationship, lots of things happened, sa year na yan kami nag hiwalay, at medyo na papadalas na ang aming pag aaway, dito din dumating  ang family na close na close ng family niya which is the family of her childhood friend, napaka yaman din nila. long story short, theres shows up this guy, her childhood friend, mabuti namang itong tao, may girlfriend rin at 2 years na sila, that reason i didnt consider him as a threat to our relationship. nag aaral pa ako ng mga araw na yon. we even hang out sometimes, kami ng girlfriend ko kasama sya, at ang girlfriend nya, pati na rin ang iba naming mga kaibigan. one night we got in a huge fight, because i couldnt hang with them more often anymore, she threathened me na baka di ko na daw sya makita, i thought she was over rea...