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Ikaw Sana

Submitted by on July 18, 2017 (10 months ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: One Night Stand | Tags: , ,

Medyo natagalan bago na ka pag sulat ulit. Between my job and my recent accident living a daredevil life di na ko na ka bisita dito.
Anyway it's great to be back. Living life the way we were supposed to, by enjoying every moment of it.
So eto nanaman ako nag enjoy and let me tell you all about it.

May regular ako kausap dito sa FSS na we've been planning to meet up sometime kaso di mag tagpo oras namin at di rin sya kasi maka simple sa kanila. She's single but in a relationship. So madalas may bantay. I was so freaking horny one week end and we agreed na if available sya she'ld send me a text kung tuloy kami. And as expected 10pm na wala pa text so I assumed hindi tuloy. Alangan naman ganun lang matapos gabi ko. So I tried for the very first time Tinder!!! Hahaha...
And sa lakas ng trip ko found a hit at kapangalan pa nya. Akalain mo nga naman, so I sent a message without even thinking gabi na nga pala. But to my surprise nag reply after about 5mins. Apparently home alone sya on a week end. So a few exchanges and some flirting she agreed to go for a drink. Success!!!

We agreed na sa may Metrowalk na lang magkita since andun na ko playing poker. So inantay ko sya for mga 30mins and nag txt sya nasa starbucks na daw sya.
When I got there she was wearing plain shirt and short shorts parang nka pambahay nga lang since pasig lang naman sya nakatira. So diretso kami bar, I didn't know amazona pala uminom si tinder girl....

Seduction to addiction

Submitted by on May 15, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

Like a virgin when we met
Only had the same man in bed
Your sex life was routine
Maybe even borderline boring

I came like a thief in the night
Caught you off guard 
My words just kept flowing
Able to lower your defenses down.

You were curious and eager
Never knew that sex could be better
Like a pill you took me whole
Thought once was enough but you wanted more

Addicted maybe
But who can control the cravings of our body.
Our bodies in sync
We move in perfect rhythm.
So wrong but yet so right
And now you're losing the fight.

How long can we keep it a secret
When each passing night we make it a habit...
We know we gotta let go
Because in every aspect this is wrong.
Took a bite from the forbidden fruit
Now were hooked and can't get enough of it......

Haters Gonna Hate

Submitted by on May 3, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

So sa poems ko dapat ipopost ito kaya lang apparently I have to wait 13hrs pa before a new poem can be posted. So dito ko na lang ilalagay.

Disclaimer: explicit words included. Bawal sa pikon at kung may tamaan man di ko na kasalan yan..

We're all here to have a lil fun
Stories to kill time, get lucky and meet someone
But lately its just been crazy. So many posers and players coming off like predators.
Who you foolin by pretending like you're some Don Juan
Or feelin as hot as a Kardashian.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
So excuse me if i make u feel like a loser.
Not taking it against you for lovin yourself and being confident on how you are.
But damn if I'm gonna lower my standards and definition of what is fine.

Im sure some will say who does he think he is mouthing off like this?
After reading this sure a lot will get pissed.
Haters gonna hate.. Bashers bash away.
I dont care, I have a life and can simply walk away.

Truth hurts that's all I can say. And if you need the internet to get laid. I'm sorry maybe you really are a £0$€R...


Submitted by on April 3, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

This aint your usual poem
Talkin bout love, sex and everythin thats gone wrong
This new generation
Feeling like they be ruling, and leadin and knowin everythin they need to be learning
Jacked up on drugs. They go high more than the mile high club
And then comes the heat
They be shittin themselves outta their seats.
These rhymes that im droppin are just random thoughts that im thinking.
Im observing and im talking, listening and hating.
God its hard to imagine with everything thats happening
We keep our minds going, imaginations flowing and ideas keep coming.
Days pass by and u know nothin will last.
Time goes so fast one blink and its already the past.
You try hard to keep up, try to make up but we all end up 6ft down on the ground.
From dust to dust think yo money gonna save you when the grim reaper be reapin for you?
So think about it, is it all worth it?
Be what u wanna be at the end its all just another history.
So do what u must in this life to survive.
But u gotta transcend and do matter to mankind.
We all have a part to play, realize whats yours and i promise everything will be okay....

Lolita Chronicles: Part 1

Submitted by on March 6, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English | Categories: Erotic Horror, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Supernatural, Sci-Fi and Fantasy | Tags:

Her eyes closed.
Her face covered with a dark feathered mask.
Slow, steady breathing.
She was calm and poised.
Standing still while her hands holding on this long cold steel.
She feels the platform under her move raising her up.

Suddenly the silence is broken by loud cheering and the sound of a smooth, seductive music.

The stage is set and Lolita is the main attraction...

Wearing a sexy lingerie on high heels and a long feather shawl resting on her shoulder. She was a site to see..

The lights started to move as if in sync with the background music.

This was her cue and she slowly moved and swayed her hips.

Focused and in the moment. Everyone watching her can easily be captivated when Lolita gets in the zone. The way she moves her body, how her hands move across every inch of her soft smooth skin. This was her way. Seduction at its finest.

She walks around the stage giving a lucky man a wink or a smile. She steps off the platform and goes around the audience. Table per table she moves until she stops infront of a man. 
The man, quite old maybe in his 50s. You can tell that he's influential. Probably a high valued client with lots of what looks like bodyguards beside him.

She takes a step closer but was stopped by one of his entourage which the man waived off and letting her come closer.
Lolita took off her shawl and wrapped it around the seemingly excited...

Bang Van

Submitted by on March 6, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: First Time | Tags: , ,

Here I am writing bout my previous sexcapades, this time going back college days.

Itago na lang natin ang aking dating college sa dati nilang slogan na - the school of today. 

Kaka transfer ko lang galing MIT (not the one in US, yng local version natin nyan). Medyo malayo kasi samin dati kong pinapasukan kaya lumipat nlng ako. And ang service ko nun is L300 van pa kasi my dad was the one using the car and we had 2 other vehicles pero parehas tamarraw fx naman na ginagamit sa business namin. Kaya naging service ako ng tropa later on dahil sa laki ng ginagamit ko sasakyan.

Pero anyway my story is about my first bang van victim. Hehehe..
Since kakalipat ko lang obviously wala pa ko mga kakilala sa klase. Typical silent, suplado type ako first couple of days and to my surprise ang unang nag reach out sakin was a girl. Madalas kc sa row 4 ako umuupo and I just keep to myself. She approached me, nag pakilala sya and her name was Jen. Typical filipina look pero medyo may dating maybe because for her height she's got some assets on the right places. Pero syempre di ako nag pahalata. 

After that mdyo mdalas dalas ko sya nakaka usap pero only pag nsa classroom na. One time I came in early sa school and parked near our gym. Favorite parking spot ko yun kasi maraming trees and medyo secluded kaya pwede tambayan lang. Habang nag ssound trip ako with my windows open nkita ko si classmate nka upo sa gilid ng gym nag ttext sya thay time. Bum...


Submitted by on February 27, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Blog: Tagalog | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags: ,

Let's talk about the topic, confession.

As Usher's song goes - "Now this gon' be the hardest thing I think I ever had to do
Got me talkin' to myself askin' how I'm gon' tell you"

I know we have a portion in the site for erotic confessions but this one goes a bit deeper than that.

What was the hardest, most difficult confesion you ever had to reveal and to whom did you reveal it to?

Was is that you had a 3rd party?

Or that you got somebody else pregnant while you're already in a relationship?

Maybe how you really are a girl/woman trapped in a man's body? or vice versa.

No judgements here. I just wanna know if some of you would like to share.

As for me I guess the most difficult was when I had to man up and admit to my then partner that I've been unfaithful for years that we've been together. We were young, really young when we decided to try and live together since I got her pregnant at an early age. I thought growing up without my parents around me would make want to be better. I came from a relatively well off family and I guess having money and resources backed with stupidity in my youth got the better of me. After living together for 8 yrs I had to call it quits because I just can't see myself changing anytime soon. I can be there for my son but not be the partner that I thought I can be. 
And even 'til now as a grown man, I still play around. Maybe I'll get...

ONS with my Boss

Submitted by on February 15, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: One Night Stand | Tags: ,

Para sa isa pa nating member dyan na apparently ka officemate ko pala before sayang di ko nalaman. Nangungulit if may nangyari daw ba between myself and apparently our boss na itago natin sa pangalang Jean... Boss Jean is a 100% hot mama.. Beauty, brains and BODY... All caps talaga sa body.. 
I can definitely say marami may gusto kay boss Jean be it girl or boy sa office namin. 
Super approachable and game pa sa kakalugan ng mga tao nya.

So anyways since supervisor naman na ko that time sinwerte ako na makasama sya sa gathering ng mga leaders sa isa naming event sa Alabang. It was a wholeday event which ended mga 6PM. A bunch of us decided
mag dinner muna and fortunately sumama sya. Medyo hiya hiya pa ko kasi yung iba pa naming mga kasama eh ilan pa sa mga boss namin. So after dinner nag aya yung iba uminom nagulat ako game rin si Boss Jean.

So we went sa isang bar sa West Gate. Para kaming open bar order lang ng order, halo halo na inom namin from beer, vodka, tequila and brandy. Aaminin ko super may amats na ko nun I can barely move my head around because if I do, sus hilo ako...

I remembered ang daldal pa ni boss Jean, tawa ng tawa and yung ibang jokes na for adults only game na game pa sya. Pa gabi na ng pa gabi and onti onti na nababawasan mga kasama namin some went out the bar para mag pa hangin yung iba I don't know kung san nag punta pero that was the time lumapit sakin si boss and asked me...

Hey Jon, don't...

Dry Hump

Submitted by on February 11, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Romance | Tags: ,

Hello again FSS folks.

I had a conversation with this girl and she sasked me if I ever had clothed sex before. I asked her if she meant dry humping or rubbing against each other's body while still wearing clothes. And apparently that's what she meant.

So here's a short confession about that.

I was in college then and my gf wanted to just chill for awhile before going home. It was late afternoon around 5pm. We decided punta na lang muna sa park dyan sa may QC just to hang out ganun. Uso pa yun dati, I don't know if it's still the same with today's youth.. haha

Anyways so we went there brought some snacks, picked a pretty private spot ng wala masyado tao at makakakita samin.

So syempre kwentuhan, lambingan gnyan whispering sweet nothings and all til we noticed gumagabi na pala and mdyo madilim na sa area namin because the closest light was sa may pathway which was cguro a couple of meters away from our spot and we were staying behind this big tree kaya di kami talaga mkikita ng mga dumadaan.

So syempre after lambingan we started making out. Simpleng halikan at himasan lang nung una tapos naging mas mapusok cguro nadadala na kami pareho ng libog. Nilalamas ko na suso nya sa labas ng damit nya  and ang pwesto na nya is nka kalong sya sa isang hita ko habang gumagrind na yung balakang nya sa ibabaw nito. Inagat ko pa hita ko para mas lalong dumiin all at the gigil kong nilalamas suso nya at panay pa rin laplapan na...

Age Gap

Submitted by on February 6, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog | Categories: Mature | Tags:

Another Confession inspired by my idol cunt69 😉

I was in my mid 20s then very active sa chatgroups wholesome at hindi... Hehe

Anyways I got to chat with this girl I forgot na her name. But she was in her 40s already. Divorced with 1 kid. 
At first nangangapa pa ko if game ba sya to chat more intimately and she was. Chat got hotter and I asked for her number and we did SOP that night. 

Naulit pa for few more weeks until we decided mag meet. 
We set it up wk day para nsa school pa anak nya. It was very clear what we were going to do..
I droveby the area kung san ko daw sya susunduin and as she mentioned there she was wearing a short blue dress. She was a bit chubby but not too much. Saktong curvy. And she had great looking breasts that is very obvious in her tight dress.
So I stopped and she knew it was me coz i gave her my car's plate number.
The only word that came out of me pag sakay nya were... Hi.... So do u wanna go somewhere first or go na tyo?
And she said diretso na tyo..
I smiled and drove...
While driving i said she looked great and very hot.. she smiled and said wait until we get there... So syempre na excite naman ako..

Pag drive in ko sa hotel wala pa kami msyado imikan.
Pag pasok sa room that's when she took over.. She pushed me sa bed, turned on yng pipe in music and started moving her hips infront of me... So i knew this will be something..
I was sitting on the b...

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