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Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Submitted by on January 7, 2018 (9 days ago)
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It is difficult not to believe what your mind says when you are horny. It's like you are a completely different person.

There are times that you want to drop everything else and be fucked - either with a partner or just your fingers and/or toy/s I when you don't have a partner. When playing alone, the feeling can be so intense that you get lost in the moment and be as fierce as if the action of your finger or toy mimics that of the fast in-out movement of a penis or tongue in your dripping cunt that you don't even realize that you gave attention to both your clit and wanting hole.

What make me stop from this intense scenario is the time I reach my peak and cry out a certain name. One that my mind has been longing to fuck me I guess. Be it someone from the past or just a textmate/chatmate, the intensity stops when you realize you are alone and not with him. Palm wet and sticky with cum - and sometimes bed covers too - you stop.

You shout at your mind.
Stop it!
It's not love.
It's just lust.

The playing stops.
But the horniness lingers.
Actually it stays longer because it was not fully satisfied.
Or its just fades away in a few days due to hormonal changes.

Yes, you guessed right.
This just happened a few minutes earlier.
Leaving me more frustrated than ever.

Ladies have you been through this too?
I am completely normal right?...

To Go or Not To Go

Submitted by on July 12, 2017 (6 months ago)
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Remember the guy I was seeking closure with?
Well...I have been able to accept the fact that I will never have what I wanted
...that our lives have moved on from where we were before.

Is acceptance moving on?
If yes, then I have moved on right?
If not...then what else should I do to be able to move on?

Now I am faced with a new dillema.

My bestfriend is going through a rough patch the past two months and has been seeking comfort from every possible group she's been with.
A few weeks ago, she posted a reminder of what we used to do in our kids group through facebook and tagged every member - him and me included.
A lot have commented. I didn't.
This guy and my bestfriend is also close...well...she was usually our messenger or bridge as some put it.
They are actively exchanging comments in the thread while I kept quiet.
They both know why but the rest of our group probably doesn't know why and keeps mentioning my name to call my attention.

Here's the catch that I didn't know because I turned off all notification in that post:
Just last night, my bestfriend arranged a reunion for our kids group...
Why? Because the guy is going back here in the Philippines and has requested to meet the group.
It is set next week. A week night.
I can be available.
But I dont want to go.

I dont know know how I'll be able to act normally around these peo...

Guarding Treasures 4

Submitted by on April 5, 2017 (9 months ago)
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Alas-otso ng umaga, walang tigil na kumakahol si Todd para makalabas ng pinto for his morning routine ng pag-ihi at pagdumi sa gilid ng bahay. Walang ibang tao sa bahay. Wala si Rain sa kabilang kwarto at sa gym. Nasa garahe naman ang van.

"Saan kaya nagpunta si Rain?"

Paghahanap ni Ces sa bodyguard nya.

"Ang init na sa labas. Sa gym na lang ako magja-jog"

Natapos na sya mag exercise, mag-almusal at nakapagshower na din sya pero wala pa ding balita kung nasan si Rain. Ilang beses nya gustong i-text or tawagan pero nahihiya sya sa nangyari kagabi. Nagbasa na lang sya ng libro sa garden.

Saktong alas-dose ay bumukas ang gate ng garahe. May pumasok na deep blue Smart car na Mercedes Benz. Natawa syang saglit sa itsura ni Rain sakay ang maliit na 2-seater car na mukhang laruan sa laki ng kanyang katawan. Nawala ang ngiti sa kanyang labi nung makitang parang galit ang binata. Nilapitan sya nito at may inabot na brown envelope.

"Regalo ni Uncle Dan. Basahin mo na daw para magpipirmahan na lang mamaya sa hotel. Nandito na din ang lunch mo."

Yun lang ang sinabi nya at pumasok na ng bahay. Ni walang pagbati man lang.

Sinilip nya ang documento sa loob ng envelope na inabot. Stock co-ownership certificate? Dalidali nya binasa at kinuha ang summary ng nakalagay sa documento....Co-ownership of 33% of stock between Mr. Dan Chua and Ms. Celeste Tuazon. With automatic transfe...

Guarding Treasures 3

Submitted by on April 1, 2017 (9 months ago)
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Hindi na nagawang ilipat pa ni Rain ang nakahighlight sa 50in tv monitor na cctv unit. Nakatitig lang sya sa harap nito at napabaling ang ulo sa diretsyon ng hita ni Ces.

"Lintek! Ang sexy nya. Girlfriend ba sya talaga ni Uncle Dan?"

Biglang gumalaw si Ces at naghanap ng unan na mayayakap. Sa biglaang kilos na ito ay nagulat si Rain at naibagsak ang remote control. Pagyuko nya, napansin nyang may tent na pala sa boxers nya. Nabuhay ang kanyang alaga sa pinapanuod sa kabila ng pagod sa mahabang unang araw ng trabaho.

"Hindi pwede. Huwag. Girlfriend sya ni Uncle Dan. Hindi ko na dapat simulan pagnasaan pa sya at magiging Auntie ko sya. Hingang malalim Rain....ohhhh...itulog ko na lang itong gigil ng alaga ko"

Pinilit nya ang sariling wag magjakol. Dumapa ito sa kama, pumikit at yumakap na lamang ng unan para hindi nya maumpisahang hawakan ang titi nya. Matapos ng ilang sandali ay sumilip ulit sya sa tv at bigla rin pimikit at yumakap muli sa unan. Makailang ulit nya itong ginawa hanggang sa mapagod sya. Sa takot hindi magising sa alarm ay nilakasan nya ang volume ng tv. Para kung sakaling may kumilos na sa bahay ay maririnig nya at magigising sya. Walang limang minuto ay mahimbing na ang tulog nya.

Ala-singko y medya ay may nagbukas ng gate. Si Manang Leng. Nagising si Rain dahil sa mga kahol na salubong ni Todd sa dumating na kasambahay. Tumayo sya at pumunta sa kusina upang salubungin ang matanda. Kukuha rin ng maiinom n...

Guarding treasures 2

Submitted by on March 26, 2017 (9 months ago)
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"Pasok ka muna."

"Ms. Tuazon, pinaaabot pala ito ni Mr. Chua. Yan ang contract ko sa kanya, kopya mo na yan para mareview mo ang coverage ng assignment na binigay nya sa akin. Kasama din dyan ang agreement sa contracted services para sa maglagay ng mga cctv cameras sa bahay ninyo. Sabi nya for sure di ka naman aangal since regalo ni Mr. Chua sa iyo ang bahay."

Binasa ng malakas ang laman ng papel na inabot habang naglalakad papasok ng bahay...
"Agreement and coverage of services....Mr. Rain Tan...from March 1, 2017 until end of the year...may be extended or terminated with at least 5 working days ensure safety of Ms. Celeste Tuazon...guarding and following her 24/7...with one day restday every 15 days to be relieved by another person from the agency....blah blah blah...upo ka muna dyan (tinuro ang sofa sa sala), tawagan ko muna si Mr. Chua regarding this"

"Ms. Tuazon, papapasukin ko na ba yung mga magkakabit ng mga cctv?"

"You mean, nandyan na sila? me Ces"

"Sila po yung naka-van"

"Ahh...sige...wala naman ako choice dyan. Ikaw na lang din ang magguide sa kanila. At since according sa agreement ay magstay ka dito using the guest room,...feel at home na din siguro?"

Nagsalin na ng dog food si Ces sa bowl ni Todd. Kumuha ng juice sa ref at nagsalin sa isang baso at pumasok na sa kwarto nya para dun tawagan si Mr. Chua.

Makalipas ang ilang minuto...


Give Me Closure Please

Submitted by on March 23, 2017 (9 months ago)
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We were best friends like forever.
We were almost inseparable.
We do things together always.
We share a lot of things others find disturbing for a girl and boy claiming to be just friends.
We know each other's secrets even all our crushes and puppy loves.
We share even our enemies.
If someone dares you for a fight, that person needs to win against me first and vice versa.
We were Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street, Batman and Robin, Puto and Dinuguan.
That's how compatible are chemistry is! Or was as it seems.
Everyone and anyone can't imagine one without the other.
So why?
Why did you change so much?
What's with having a girlfriend made you decide to forget that you have a best friend?
I know that what is between you is on a different level that what we shared in the past.
But should it really cost my lack of invite from your wedding? And every event there after?
Can't I still be your best friend even if you are already married?
Have I done something to merit this?

Fuck you!
Didn't you know I loved you too?
Yes, I did laugh at the three attempts of you courting me.
But my dear friend, we were just kids then.
You said you'd still wait until we graduate and finish our beloved courses.
And that we'd be best friends until then.
Then we would be lovers.
Where are you now?
You got married.
You had kids.
You migra...

Guarding treasures

Submitted by on March 22, 2017 (9 months ago)
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"Ahhhh hmmmmm ah ah ah ah ah
Shi-yeeeeet! I'm coming naaaaah!"

*hingal, hingal*
"Fuck you sweetie!
Sarap mo manggising hmmmm good morning hmmmm stop licking me, please...."

Napadilat ako. I'm alone. In my room. In my apartment.

"Whoa! Who was that guy? Bakit lagi sya sa panaginip ko? And we are always having sizzling hot sex."

May dumila sa kamay left hand ko. Si Todd lang pala dumidila sa pisngi ko kanina.
(Todd is my 1 year old siberian huskie, my baby since my last relationship ended 8 months ago)

"Fuck! Anu ba ito. Nasa pussy ko pa 2 fingers ko. Ooops, multi-tasking again, dreaming na masturbating pa. Ang hot talaga panaginip ko kanina. Buti hindi pussy ko dinilaan ni Todd. Haist, basa na naman ang bed sheet ko sa pawis, daig ko pa nagexercise nito...Oh this my pussy juice here. Geesh, parang may tumapon na isang basong tubig dito! Tipid nga sa damit pantulog, ang dalas naman magpalit ng bedsheet. Hay. Ang libog mo Celeste!"

"Tara na nga Todd. Let's drink water then get ready for our jog."

Gave Todd his water and a biscuit as treat. Downed 2 glasses myself then walked right back to my room. Nagfreshen up saglit - fashed face, brush teeth, put day cream, wash my malagkit na puke from the morning fingering. Nagsuot ng panty, pumili ng sports bra, shorts and sando for jogging. Grabbed a pair of socks and headed to the door for my running shoes and out of the house.