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Diary Of A Lesbian : The Two Flowers - II

Submitted by on October 18, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Diary Of A Lesbian : The Two Flowers - III wake ahead of her. My mind was still in a state of disbelief regarding what happened last night. But seeing our bodies still naked under our blankets, it serves as proof that it wasn’t an imagination.

I slowly get up from the bed and tried not to make any noise, so that Kikay would not wake up. Then, I walk towards the window and sit in the chair near it. I moved the curtain to let a little sunshine get into the room. I was in high-spirit when I woke up and yet there’s restless in my heart. I am sure now that I have fallen in love with Kikay even though I don’t know when this feeling has started. But the incident last night just makes me aware of my hidden desires and feeling towards her.

At the same time, I am also feeling restless. Making love with the woman who owns my heart was a dream comes true, however, I know that we have crossover our boundaries. She hasn’t drank any alcoholic drink, since I met her. In my mind I was thinking, what if this is the effect of spirits on her. What is she thinks I took advantage of her condition this will destroy the trust we have with each other. My eyes become watery because I knew that there’s a large possibility that the worse scenario could come true and we can never go back being friends as a result.

Looking back, having copulation with same gender was not new to me. I knew my preference even before I reach puberty. Typically, Lesbian in the Philippines often associated with Tomboyish cha...

Diary Of A Lesbian : The Two Flowers - I

Submitted by on October 16, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Diary Of A Lesbian : The Two Flowers - IPrologue

In a few minutes my plane will be landing to the Country that gave me a lot of opportunities. This place that will always be special, this place where I finds love and have received so much love back….I look at the photo in my hands…it was our old picture… my eyes starts to be watery, but I remains to be blissful. I’m near already my love, the distance that separated us will be gone and I assure that I will make up for my years absence…Finally our wait will be over.

* * * * * 

Hi! I’m Rika Mhae Watanabe, a talent/entertainer in Japan and have been here for almost 4 years. Going back and forth, since the club(omise) I have been working with, always request my boss(Sacho) at the agency to send me back. I guess, having a mestiza look and a sweet singing voice, have seduced my loyal and big-time patrons or clients.

I’m also flattered when people mistaken me as a relative to Ms. Marian Rivera (Filipina actress which previous holds the title #1 FHM sexies woman). Just turned 22 and considered as veteran in the industry, I’m fully acquainted with the norms of Japanese men, which add up to my appeal and allure to even Yakusa’s top men. Thus, I’m not surprise, being number 1 income-drawer of the club.

Even other Filipina co-workers were usually the favorites of Japanese men. Our charms as a race were unequaled by other race who also work in this industry. If there’s one who I consi...