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Nympho Next Door (2)

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 12:49 PM (6 hours ago)
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There were subtle lip kisses with a mix of raging bites, I lightly pushed him to the side as it is common courtesy to get down on the guy after an aussie kiss. I’m confident with my lip skills, I learned a few tricks from a gay friend who lived with me for 6 months.

From licking the neck, tongue playing the nipples, down to the tip of the dick head. I flicked it with my tongue then took the whole piece inside my mouth. I tried to keep it as far as I can, pero yung uvula ko nagagalit, nagagambala raw siya. I cupped his cock with my mouth, took in half of it while I licked the bellend up and down then pressing the urethra by a second or two each time my tongue crosses it. Pushed it to the side of my cheek so I could tongue play the bottom half, I can feel the throbbing of his veins thru my buccal mucosa. Now that the cock is warmed up, I stroked it with my hand, licked the length of it from the bottom to the tip, then went down to the balls.

I’m challenged because with experience, he’s supposed to have nutted with what I’m doing or the precum should be flowing tastily half time, pero tangina mangangawit na yung panga ko hindi ko pa nararamdaman yung heat nung titi niya, what? Is he not enjoying this?  He doesn’t like it? Each person is different, pleasure varies, but I need to figure out his ASAP!

He could have noticed that I’m starting to lose in my lip game so he held my head when I took in his cock again, he guided my head forwar...

Nympho Next Door (1)

Submitted by on May 11, 2018 (11 days ago)
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I’ve had this dummy facebook account for a year now. I use it for anonymity as a writer, as a person committed to the value of sex, as a nymphomaniac. I use it to prey on guys I can use for sex, I can call when I need a fuck. But the truth is, all I ever wanted is not to sleep alone at night, all I ever needed was to be with someone I can connect with. Living alone in Manila has its perks, youre your own bachelor, you go do whatever you want, whenever you want!

But it gets lonely. You arrive home lucky from traffic at 8, if hapless at midnight, you’ve had an exhausting day, you open your door, it’s a dark and empty room. You’ve had so much from the day and you just wanna have someone to talk about it, to agree with how crazy people are! How millennials are so entitled! How you cannot joke around about a ngongo or an unano because one twat that isn’t ngongo or unano will get offended! Someone to greet you, to kiss, to hug, to exist in your 50sqm empty room.. but it’s all air and boxes, papers and drawers.

Tapos kumulo yung tyan mo, gutom ka pero ayaw mo magluto para sa isang tao, because it is gonna get so fucking messy sa maliit mong kusina and it is just too much to do, too much to clean for a meal for 1. So you decide to grab 1 chilimansi pancit canton to eat. 1 PANCIT CANTON EATEN BY 1 PERSON, tangina, ang lungkot non. Yung sarap ng pancit canton nasa pagaagawan don sa mas seasoned na parte ng pancit, tapos ikaw kakainin mo pati yung hindi...

Beastado (1)

Submitted by on July 6, 2017 (10 months ago)
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I’m in a sort of.. a short time-long distance relationship with my boyfriend, he’s away for 2-3 weeks and back for 2-3, in a cycle. Every time he goes back, I brew something special (not coffee though).

We’ve been together for 3 years then, and we’ve gotten comfortable, we have this kind of relationship na hindi kami nagpapakielaman ng gamit, ng phones, ng messages. Sabihin na nating we 'trust' each other that much. Sometimes I am even accused of 'not caring' kasi I dont ask a lot of questions when he goes out.. stuff like that.

There was one time he was on his way back home from Thailand.. I was planning to send nudes or maybe video-tease him so he’d come running to me.

Upon opening my laptop, I was logged out of facebook pala, as I was trying to log in, lumabas yung email niya sa choices, when I clicked it, nakasave pala yung password. So just like what a normal girlfriend will do, I opened it out of curiosity then I found out he was flirting with other women.

(Women, women, WOMEN. Putangina kang dalahira kang balbakwa, malandi ka pa sa hipong nilalasing at pinakukuluan sa suka!)

What was weird was, I was a bit furious (o baka sinasabi ko lang yon). But I was more of devastated, disappointed, and sad. Akala ko kasi matinong tao siya, matino in a sense na hindi magloloko, good boy ba. Kasi he has this aura na ang linis.. He is around 5'7", maputi, bilugan ang mata, clean cut ang buhok, no facial hair, trimmed n...