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How does love feel like?
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Hey You

Submitted by on May 23, 2017 (1 month ago)
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To my one & only...

I'm still amazed to this day, that of all the people in the entire world, God has given me you, the most amazing woman of them all.

I love you. I love everything that you are. I love everything about you. Your quirks, your weirdness... Your behavior. All of it. The good & even the bad, all of your personality.

My love for you is not selective, but whole. If it makes you, you, I adore it. If it is a part of what makes you whole, then yes, I love it, or should I say I love You.

Know that I'll be patient, much more than I can handle, for I know that it'll be worth the wait.

I know I'm not the greatest man of them all, nor am I the most kind. I am selfish, I am quiet, I am stupid & more.

Yet those what I am, so shall I be. Selfish, quiet, foolish. Selfish when it comes to you, for only I shall spoil & love you. I'll be selfish when it comes to you.

I'll be quiet about our secrets & mistakes. I'll be quiet when I can no longer use words to tell you how amazing & beautiful you are.

I've always been stupid. Stupid enough to let myself drown on your stares. Stupid enough to never let you go when we sleep, & stupid enough to claim everything that you are, for you are mine.

As all the countless stars shall be my witnesses & the moon as the judge & the wind as the messenger. I hope this reaches you.

Day 15

Submitted by on October 9, 2016 (8 months ago)
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So.... yeah... now what? xD I suppose I should start with the infamous "apple". First of all, I didn't even called her that in the last blog. Second, I don't deny nor confirm your hunch kasi mamaya isipin niyo I deny it kasi siya nga. Third, walang third xD.

I don't know why I said that... Ilang araw palang naman nung nakilala ko siya, and it was too soon to say something like that. A tip for the bois out there, try not to say thing's too soon, you might end up knowing that it won't go your way. AGAIN mga ate't kuya, walang hidden meaning to, at wala akong pinapatamaan. Just food for thought. 

Anyways, fortunately... she is very charming (no visual contact yet? Maybe? but I just know) she's pleasant but still have a hint of cleverness to her. Refined but still clumsy... and I'm sure a whole lot more. I get the feeling na the more I get to know of her, good or bad, I'm sure I'd like her for who and what she is.

Enough about her hahaha xD So 15 days went so fast. Barely noticed. Fisnished my very first series today. Light up those fireworks and celebrate me B) (as if nigga) Every episode got more than a thousand views (which is awesome) hindi ko nalang iisipin na baka hindi big deal ang quality, I'll just consider myself a freakin Shakesphere (as if nigga) 

Have you seen em yet? No? Go check em out. I think it's in a nice spot in the novice level. (Says who?)
Know where the line is and don't ever forget it. Off limits so back o...

I Just Do

Submitted by on October 7, 2016 (8 months ago)
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My 2nd poem :D a bit intruiging. Novice here.

I was yours. Truly yours,
Like a loving slave.

My heart, my soul,
And my pride I gave.

Sacfices I made.
All the things I've done.

Carry you on my back,
Through anything we'll run.

My life to shield you,
I'll take all the hit.

Yet it's all not enough,
As if not a single bit.

I made you happy,
You said you love me.

At the time, I was enough.
We knew what we'd be

Together, always.
Marriage and kids.

We wanted trees,
But only had seeds.

I was yours,
And you were mine.

Nothing would stop us,
Not even time.

But now, just like that.
All of it, gone.

Vows are void,
And can't be undone.

Don't take all of this,
As as a sign of my regret.

I did it because I love you.
Even now I still do.

Freedom, peace.
I'd still choose you.

Foolish, stupidity
And naivite

You left, I still follow.
You didn't stay.

Bleeding, aching.
With death right behind.

Facts, reality.
And acceptance I'm blind.

To keep my promise,
Even just one of the many.

What shall, and always be
All pure and true.

My everything, my life.
I love you.
Why? You might ask....

Day 11

Submitted by on October 6, 2016 (8 months ago)
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Boredom makes you do weird things, well, this is one of mine. Almost haven't slept for a day while writing this rubbish. Reasons? Nothing, I just don't feel like sleeping.

Made this account 11 days ago, but been here even waaay back. Couldn't make an account for some legality reasons. I'm not really into reading that much. No novels and such. Just here and some other sites, all erotic.

Met a lot of nice people, well, I guess if you consider talking to them for a few minutes counts. I started visiting the chat room on my 2nd day of signing up. It's neat. I could definitely compare it to a classroom. Except it's as if everyone else knows everyone else. Except for newbies. At first I was a bit skeptic about their inside jokes and such. Terms, nicknames, and what not. It's actually fascinating. Like a classroom full of students, I noticed who were obviously the main players, usuals. Then there's those who are incredibly nice. If there are nice, so there are... hmm... not nice (perhaps?) but I don't really know anyone so I won't judge. 

One thing I noticed, it's a bit frustrating to get noticed by the ones who you want to notice you. You just can't say "Notice me! Senpai!" like a flirty japanese chick with a high pitched voice. Or maybe it's just me. Lol.
Between you and me reader... I got my eye on this one woman. (Whom shall not be named) She's nice... like really nice, or perhaps I just misunderstood. Men always have a hard time differenti...

A Million Miles

Submitted by on September 26, 2016 (9 months ago)
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Just so you guys know... This is my first time doing something like this (sharing a story online) but I hope you guys like it.
No, it's not for anyone, so don't ask xD and this is COPYRIGHTED. Lol

We found each other in the most unsual circumstances.
Trying to find something, taking all of our chances.
Till we both fell in love, with no doubt that it's all true.
But obviously I fell first, luckily ended up catching you.

Billions of people, living their lives, just liike you & me.
With that in mind, I'm amazed that we are meant to be.
In a world of chaos, and never ending mess,
I'll make sure that our love will always be timeless.

I know I'm a wreck, but to you, I will be just, I will be fair.
Attempt every single way to show you that I care.
My insecurities, my negativities, I no longer give a damn.
Step aside my pride, wishing you'd accept all I am.

Excited at the fullest, and with burning desire.
To feel your touch, your kiss that could ignite a fire.
But I'll be patient, as much as I can and with all my might.
Temptations, every tests, and the lonely nights, I'll fight.

Connected only with chords, love and the red string of fate.
It is hard and dire, that we're in this crazy difficult state.
Hoping it all reaches you, my hopes, my love, my heart.
Even if we're a hundred, or even a million miles ap...