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A Cold Night in December

Submitted by on December 3, 2017 (2 months ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

It was a cold night in december
The last time we saw each other
I'm still haunted by the memory of her
And the fact that we could never be together

She was a daddy's girl, a dutiful daughter
And i'm just me, a fucking loser
A regular guy that don't have much to offer
But goddammit, i was in love with her

What started as a playful flirting
Turned into a wonderful fling
You warned me not to fall for you
But it's hard to deny it, when the feelings are true

We texted, called each other everyday
While we were trying so hard to keep the feelings at bay
Until we came to a point of no return
The fire inside started to burn

But all good things must come to an end
When what have was just all pretend
You gave me one night to be with you
And one night is all i need, to know if you love me too

It has been more than a decade
In front of that beautiful lantern parade
That last time i stood in front of you
Then you gave me the sweetest kiss at CLSU...


Submitted by on July 15, 2017 (7 months ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck

I won't hold back I'm gonna push my luck

There's a lot of shit that needs to be said

Circling all day like verses in my head

I'm not a good man, I don't claim that I'm pure

But I know in your hands you could provide a cure

Come with me I'll be making you sweat baby

I'm just gonna say it, I'm so fucking horny

I may sound like a creep or a fucking lunatic

But I want you so bad it makes me feel sick

And I know there are many beans in the bowl

But I can guarantee that I'll be your special asshole...

Just Another Number

Submitted by on July 11, 2017 (7 months ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

Talk to me softly, tell me what they've done
I can see it in your eyes, your sanity is almost gone
Lay beside me, i'll kiss those tears away
You're always welcome here if you wish to stay

Hush now, let go of that fear
Come tomorrow, i will still be here
I will hold you until it's time for you to go
How i wish i could take all your pain and sorrow

Come here, run to me when you need me
If that's my role in your life, then let it be
Call me, text me when you feel like you're all alone
Till the day you forget all your troubles and i'm just another number on your phone...

Whispers In The Dark

Submitted by on February 12, 2017 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Erotic | Tags:

Close all the doors, let no one in
May you not witness the horrors within
Lock all the windows, make this my cell
Darkness is my prison this is my hell

Shut out the light, let no one see
An empty existence imprisoning me
Block all the sounds, let life roll along
I can still hear the music but it's not my song...

Sana Maulit Muli

Submitted by on February 14, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Blog: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

February 14,  2016, around 10pm, alone in my room. The song Sana Maulit Muli by Gary Valenciano was playing on the radio. Somehow it reminded me of you, deep inside i still want to be with you, i still want to ask for another chance. But don't worry i won't, i have to accept that you will never be mine. Walking away from you is one of the hardest thing i've ever done. I have never wanted anyone so bad the way i wanted you. It's crazy, i haven't even met you, i haven't felt your touch, your kiss, your embrace. But goddammit i am inlove with you.

I hope you're happy, i hope you had a wonderful time with him today, i really do. And i'm sorry if i can't keep my promise, there's only so much that i can endure. I hope you will forgive me someday. I hope someday you'll realize that it's better this way, that it would be easier for us to live our lives apart. I'm really glad that you've been a part of my life, even for a short period of time. I will always cherish the memories, all the sweet words you said to me, every sweet gestures you've made, i will really going to miss you.

Thank you for everything, thank you for reminding me how good it feels to love and be loved. Don't worry, everything's going to be ok. Happy Valentines day to you, i love you. Goodbye..


Drawn To You

Submitted by on January 20, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

She's the one that makes me happy
The one who says she needs me
The one who saves me from my misery
The one that drives me crazy

You are my strength and my weakness
Keeping me calm when i'm restless
It seems no matter what i do
I'll always be drawn to you

Can you hear me? I'm calling out your name 
Asking you to heal this blinding pain
Hold me close til the morning light
As we make love all through the night

Do you feel it burning like a fire? 
You're my obsession, my one desire
And i don't give a damn if it's wrong or right
Coz i really need you here tonight


Numb 2

Submitted by on January 18, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

Why can't i walk away from all this pain? 
I know from it, i have nothing to gain
I guess talking me out of it is no use
I'm simply a man with nothing to lose...


Submitted by on January 18, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

Never take me seriously
Go on, just keep on hurting me
Listen to the sound of my laughter
After all, whatever doesn't hurt me simply makes me, stranger...

Take My Hand

Submitted by on January 15, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

I know you're tired, i know you're weary
In this harsh world we live in sometimes life can be scary
But you don't have to be afraid, you don't have to be alone
I'm here for you, you don't have to be on your own

Don't worry, i'm not expecting anything from you
It's just that for you, there's nothing i wouldn't do
I'm right beside you and i'm here to stay
Always ready to wipe those tears away

So take my hand everything's going to be alright
There's always hope just don't lose sight
Take a deep breath let go of that fear
Come into my arms you'll be safe here

Wake me up

Submitted by on January 11, 2016 (2 years ago)
Posted in Poem: English | Categories: Non-Erotic | Tags:

I've been living in a dream
It turned into nightmare and made me scream
It's hard to move, i can't wake up
I can't go on this has to stop

My eyes are close but still awake
With all this pain that my soul can't take
Whispering your name in the silence of the night
Wishing you were here holding me tight

Why do life have to be so cruel?
I'm trapped and stuck in this vicious cycle
I'll get up in the morning thinking i am happy
But can't sleep at night with all this misery

I'm tired of pretending that i'm okay
When all i want is for you to stay
But i guess it's time for me to face reality
That you will never be with me


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