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Space Adventures CH.1:The Crate.

Submitted by on May 4, 2018 (18 days ago)
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reminder first time ko po so medyo di pa ko sanay and this will also be my very first story so bear with me especially typos, anyway since chapter 1 wala muna akong masyado g sexual scenes since medyo ibubuild ko ung setting ng world
Ung lang and I hope you guys enjoy.😊
Edward Marshall was just waking up from his cozy bed and mostly due to the irritating sound of his alarm clock. He looks around..may 12 2089 standard time is 7:45.hmmmmmmm

SHIT! He has something VERY important to do by 8:15, "dammit dammit shit!" Edward said running downstairs with haste and a bit of panic he hurriedly removed his panjamas and stepped in the showers, he has a mascular body,5" 9 tall, he has a bit of muscle but dosent show em off he didn't really like attention.he also had a pretty long cock about 8 inches and he had a hint of abs. And neat hair plus his blue eyes.

"sir incoming call" a robotic voice said. "put it through James" he said. James was his ever loyal AI buddy.everyone had one now.when he is at home James would assign robot cleaners to do chores. He can plug his phone in the one of the many AI ports so he can let James go with him.he was pretty much like cortana in halo, no rampancy of course he was quite intelligent. And very human he was Edwards best pal. He better, him alone cost Edward 800,000. And his system worth 200,000. Edwards best pal costs a million.

Fortunately,it was easy to gain a millio...