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Open Letter about my affair

Submitted by on Friday, 10 August 2018 (4 days ago)
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I didn't expect this to happen. I didn't know that I still have this love for you all this time. All I knew was that I felt something was missing from the time I left you until the day I talked to you again. I have always cheated no matter who was my partner at the time. I would always have someone on the side it's like a hole that can't be filled. The only time it was filled was when there was you. I guess you could say that I have kept my promise to you when you first said yes to me.


When I decided to meet you I said to myself I will have control no matter what happens, I will not make love to you. Because I have high respect for you and because of what I did before. But I also said to myself if ever we did, I will surrender my entire being to you if we do. And we did, it was a world shaking experience. It was as if my body longed for yours but it was natural at the same time. When I met you I didn't know that you have already...
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Regrets and Frustrations

Submitted by on Friday, 10 August 2018 (4 days ago)
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I really have to stop,
If not I'll really pop.
These emotions that has been bottled up,
They can't wait to go out and they'll blowup.

I think I'm going crazy and dazed,
I really though I will never be fazed.
All those wishful thinking,
has got me sinking.

What have I done?
Was it a mistake of someone?
But there is no one to blame,
But me who is lame.

I made the wrong decision,
that has come to this conclusion.
I can never turn back time,
And undo this crime.

You are who you are,
You are free to reach the star.
I can't hold you back,
I shouldn't keep you off track.

I am but a fool,
Looking back in an empty pool.
So foolishly looking at another yard,
while my own has been charred.

I am so thoughtless,
I can believe that I have been boneless.
I have discarded the best I had,
I must have drunk som...
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Ode to a Good night's Dream

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 August 2018 (6 days ago)
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I woke up from slumber,
Feeling that enormous thunder.
I can feel my heart thumping,
As I can see it running.

The dream I had is no longer there,
This feeling, how long should I have to bear?
I was once happy to see my love shine again,
But it was so distant, and it wasn't mine to regain.

Your warm touch and soul embrace,
Keep my mind rolling as if I was in a race.
I can't keep my promises to you if you wont let me,
I guess the future I dreamt I will never see.

It aches my heart to be reminded of you,
I guess it was all gone I didn't have a clue.
I was in an abyss in a cold catacomb,
Trapped like a prisoner in hell's womb.

I could not make you smile anymore,
I am not the one you adore.
Your happiness is all that I long for,
Even if I have to admit you mine no more.

You're the one I will always love,
From the beginning until the end...
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Promise to Keep

Submitted by on August 7, 2018 (7 days ago)
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I have love you from then till now,
I could never know why and how.
I was drawn to you,
I guess until now I still do.

I am guilty of so many things,
But I am sure of my feelings.
You are the one that I want,
I want to be with you but I can't.

I will start my journey to be by your side,
It will be a rough time I wont glide.
So many sacrifices I will endure,
It will not be easy, that's for sure.

I don't know if you still want me,
I don't know if I'm the one you want to see.
I can't stop here right now,
To you I'll keep my vow.

Live your life to the fullest,
Be happy and never frown even the smallest.
I will come to you in time,
I will come with no reason nor rhyme.

I will love you now and forever,
I will go to you it's my endeavor.
Time will pass by real quick,
Like the clock when it tick.

It is not the end nor...
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